torsdag 14 april 2011

I Heart my Home

*sound of vacuum cleaner*

Hey - what's this?
A button.
Some popcorn.
And a size 10 mm crochet hook.
The things you find between the cushions in your sofa define who you are. So... if this is what I found, then I must be a "Person who eats popcorn while crocheting on the sofa. Ate so much, in fact, that she popped a button from her pants."


1 kommentar:

diZi sa...

Oh I HAVE TO do that test! XD Last time there was at least some scribbles of songs, lots of hairclipsa and such and a hell of alot of toys. Thats daughter, though. But I did find the lost mini headphones. I must say this is a good start of a tehory of how to define personalities.

Hmmm, something for shrinks to take in perhaps ;D


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