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Generating a name

Okay, this is going to be quite random*, but here we go.

I don't like coming up with names for my projects, essays, recipes... Never have, never will.

*lets out my breath, because the house didn't crash down around me*

Now that that is out, I just came up with a perfect solution. Name generating engines! If you google "name generator", the first thing that pops up on the list is...

.... the Fantasy Name Generator! How fitting, since I'm sure all the other ones are really nice and probably works like a charm... but it's the "fantasy" part of the thing that gets me. Yes, you may roll your eyes if it makes you feel any better. I'm still gonna use that one.

Quickly browsing through the other generators, I must say that out of the 10 name generators highest up on the list... 3 have to do with creating names for roleplaying. Concerning that, I am so not touching the World of Warcraft one. Why? Well, we have quite enough WoW at home here as it is**.


My name day

It's my name day today, at least according to the Swedish-Finnish calender. 3rd of August: Linnea. But what I actually wanted to share was that...

... Micke bought me a rose! We've been together for 1925 days, but on this day (the 1926th) he bought me a rose. It smells divine. And forgive me for being totally gaggingly sappy, but I love him so much.

Yes, I know, now that I have a picture of it, it'll last longer... Even more of a win for me :)

I'm so seriously in need of some photography skills

Okay, Inari shared a tip on her blog about how to see a dynamic overview of your own blog - or anyone else's too - by using the new Blogger "dynamic view" function.
Basically, all you have to do is add the string view/functionsname after any blogger-url, e.g. for the dynamic view called "flipcard" mine is
In short, the new functions are:


And I must say, after trying them out... Oh dear goddess how booring the pictures I take are! :(
No real scene sense, no flattering poses, no good contrasts. Nothing. Just boo-oo-oo-oring. Not inspiring at all.

Crud. What more can I possibly say?