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I so HATE being sick

Because when I is, I feel so totally dead. Oh boy, every muscle hurt.

HAD to attend first lecture in course 'Cell signaling' today, so I dragged my sorry ass to school and sat - and even discussed! - and 'attended' as much as was needed.

And now, I lie here - in bed - and feelt totally dead. Go me!

Tolerance and Respect - are they cities or what?

Since I went swimming yesterday, I was totally exhausted by 23:00. Told my honey that I'd rather go to bed early than go out to town, so we ended up with me sleeping, and him playing games on the computer until ~03:00 .


Oh well, this morning I woke up ~hour ago, and now I'm up and he's asleep. Boy, the house is so quiet. I kinda like it.

How to spend a Friday

Today I went swimming with Mimi, to Impivaara swim hall, and we both swam 1 km. I thought I would be able to swim 1,6 km, like I did on Tuesday. Oh well, as long as I swim at least 1 km, the rest is just a bonus.

After swimming, we had lunch, and then we went home to us to bake something. We made salty buns with pesto, and boy did they turn out good. Now they're almost gone; only 3 left. *sigh*

How my day has been so far

Today was the first time in a long time that I only did breakfast for myself. I woke a bit late, so I had precious little time to spare. I knew I should have done my French-homework yesterday... *sigh*

Anyway, today also started with me getting an elbow in my nose, after greeting my love with the usual "good-morning-kiss-kiss-how-have-you-slept?"... He woke too fast, and managed to get his elbow smack! in my face.

Needless to say - between French and a sore nose - I didn't have that much time to spare. But the rest of the day have been running smoothly, and since I got home I've been tidying up my desk. "Gosh," I always say to myself, "how did all this JUNK manage to accumulate itself on such a tiny space!". Oh well, that has been taken care of, so now I can start accumulat.... I mean WORKING again.

My neighbors

This night, me and my boyfriend didn't get much sleep. Why? Because apparently our neighbors had a party. A LOUD one, I might add... They stayed awake until 04:30 and played SingStar LOUDLY. I recognized at least 5 different songs - all in the genre SuomiPop (finnish pop music)! - until I gave up and grabbed my ear plugs.

I so hate Juice Leskinen. But I think our neighbors love him - judging from the SOUND they generated.

*hates neighbors*
*wants to sleep, but has to work*