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Christmas Eve

Today we've spent a fairly typical Christmas at my parents: ate a LOT of things, played some boardgames and then ate some more on/off. Good thing I wore my new dress! It was suprisingly comfy 'to eat in'. I think I have to figure out a way to take it in even more or add shoulder straps, because it almost falls off me!

This is all the LEFTOVERS after we'd finished eating... Like my dad said; "[He] doesn't know how to cook for any less than 25 people at any given time".

For those of you unfamiliar with the Christmas buffé of our family, then I can say it includes A LOT of EVERYTHING.
The years that me and Micke have spent in Turku - just the two of us - we haven't had leftovers for more that one meal after the "night of the buffé". After that, we've made pan pizza. Why? Because some traditions are meant to be broken, and 5 days of eating leftover Christmas food is definitely one of them.

Then, much much much later in the evening, we played…