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My quilting WIPs and UFOs in June and July 2018

Almost two month have passed since the last progress update on my projects, so I thought I'd write an update on how far I've gotten on all of them.

During May, I had to bring my Pfaff sewing machine in to be serviced. I did that on the 25th, and it the technician until the 17th of July to find parts and get it fixed. Not only was the bobbin winder broken (that's the reason I brought it in to be fixed), the electronics that regulate the stitch length had gotten broken too. I'm so relieved to get it back. No more stalling because I'd rather be using the even feed feature on that machine, than use the Husqvarna machine that doesn't have it at all.

Thanks to that whole thing, and me feeling depressed about that and other things, not many quilting projects have had any progress. But since I instead actually have had some time to go shopping for supplies, I can get some things done now.

Like before, some projects have been moved from UFO to WIP, and vice versa. The …

Stash update 16/2018

Today, while on our way into town, I ran in to the mail boxes in our local store to pick up a package. I had ordered a few thing from Ompelijan maailma ("Sewist world" in English). It was the only store in Finland (online) that I could find all the things I needed at the same time.
What I really needed were the thimbles. I've lost my old metallic one, and it wasn't even all that comfortable to wear. So, I snooped around, and I found the ones in the photo. They grip well around your fingers because they're soft, and I found them in S, M and L sizes.
Yes, I bought all three sizes, because I had no idea what sizes my fingers are in their scale.
Size L fits my thumb, and size S all my other fingers (on both hands), So I have and extra size M. Which fits if I happen to have a plaster around my finger (yes, I could check because this happened today...)
It’s official now. I have BLED for this quilt. Damn those pinning needles... #scrapquilt #tickertape #rainbowquilt #nee…

Stash update 15/2018

While still in Rauma, during the Thursday when I had to kill some time while I waited for my bus to leave for Vaasa, I noticed that there was a JättiRätti-fabric store on the other side of the bus station parking lot.
Also, a flea market just for childrens things.
(”Match made in heaven”, was my husband thoughts about it when I called to chat about how things were  going at home.)
I bought two cotton fabrics; one 1,5 m with vehicles on and 20 cm of an orange retro flower one I thought could be  nice to use for EPP.

Jättirätti 13,50    1,5 m vehicles fabric, 9€/m 1,40      20 cm retro flower fabric ==============
14,90 € total

Total spent on stash this year:

611,94 + 14,90 =626,84 €

Stash update 14/2018

While in Rauma, during the Wednesday of ”the Week of Lace” (Pitsiviikko in Finnish), I actually shopped and found quite a lot of things. My friend Ulrika - whose idea the whole trip was - also gave me a dark fabric with vegetables on, and some white and brown scraps.

Mantin Maailma 3,80    2 m zipper ribbon, red 1,20    6 red zip pulls 1,75    pack of small quilting needles, Hemline
LankaAnne 4,00   sewing machine needles, topstitch
Garden flea market finds 1,00   three pieces of grey fabrics 6,00   2 fat quarters of Oaki Doki Hobby Textiles 2,00   2 m of green bias tape with white hearts
Torin Kymppi (flea market) 5,00   a bag with 6 bobbins for making bobbin lace ==============
24,75 € total

Total spent on stash this year:

587,19 + 24,75 =611,94 €

Finished project: the modern hexie pillow

Project details Name, Start/Finished date, Pattern and Fabrics usedThe modern hexie pillow11.7 - 21.7.2018.the Modern Hexagon Pillow, a pattern and tutorial written by Nicole of Modern Handcraft.The fabric I used was part of some natural color cotton curtains I had found second hand, and one of the candy packs or mini-charm packs I had bought last year (in October of 2017) at the Syfestivalen-event in Umeå. The candy pack is "Mille Couleurs" by 3 Sisters, for Moda fabrics.Batting, backing and binding fabric:Single layer of thinnest (40 g) polyester batting from Kruunun Kangas. Backing/inside of the pillow was the same cotton curtain fabrics as the front. Quilting pattern:Same as was used in the pattern, but I also did some free motion quilting outlines in the hexagons, so they would hold up better to getting washed. Top and bobbin thread: For piecing and quilting everything: Gutermann Mara 120, 100% polyester, 1000m, color 1 (natural white). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
While searching fo…

Stash update 13/2018

During June and July I've had opportunities to finally go shopping for things I need to finish some of my WIP and UFO projects. 
I've bought batting (thinnest polyester, 40g, 10 meters) from Kruunun Kangas, a new rotary cutter blade and new blunt tip scissors from Halonen's sewing store, and white cotton fabric from Eurokangas. 
This means I now should have enough materials to finish the color block quilts, the one-block-wonder quilt (OBW) and at least some blocks on the Violet and Orange Sawtooth Stars quilt.
That feels really nice. And what feels even more nice: the fact that I finally finally finally got my sewing machine back from the service it had to have. No more stalling now, I say!

Kruunun Kangas (1.6)
37,00     10 m thinnest (40g) polyester batting
              as well as two white end-of-bolt cotton fabrics
37,00 €

Halonen (4.7 and 17.7)
 6,50      rotary cutter blade (45 mm)
11,90     blunt tip fabric scissors

89,00     sewing …

Spring show 2018 at Arbis

"Vasa Arbis vårutställning 8.5.2018"

With the kids (still down with the flu but feeling better anyway) and my husband Mikael in tow, I tried to capture photos of as many of the beautiful handcrafted works I could, but I missed a lot of the woodwork pieces and croquis-paintings.
My sewing teacher Carola also wrote about the exhibit, on Instagram :) And she has more photos of the woodwork
I wanted to see the different quilts and patchworks most of all, and I got photos of most of them. Myself, I had given six projects to my sewing course teacher to display in the show. At the last show, last fall, I only submitted one, and I thought that this time that it would be okay for me to submit more. Three of the projects were small (two small denim bags and the Fancy Fox mini-quilt) and three were larger (the Blue Roses and Denim quilt, the Fake cathedral windows quilt and the Cars quilt)

All the works were displayed without any maker names, so I can’t tell you who made what. Except my…