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My end of year 2018 quilting budget summary

Total amount spent on stash during 2018:

I wrote 22 stash update posts, with the following info in them:

4,90 thread, white Gutermann Mara
5,90 light bulb for my Husqvarna 6730
5,90 Wonder clips
5,90 Wonder clips
25,00 quilting foot for my Pfaff Tiptronic 1071
-15% on all
40,46 € Total
82,69 € quilting fabric from Etsy/USA 17,19 € import tax (24%) _______________ 99,86 € total

4,35 Kit for 10 mm white buttons for jersey
2,42 Jeans needles 2,38 Embroidery needles 2,50 Microtex needles 2,42 Quilting needles 7,55 Bias tape, 20 m, brown 3,23 shipping ______________ 30,85 € total


4,70 Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread 200m, color 618 4,70 Gutermann Hand Quilting Thread 200m, color 618 3,25 Scanfil All Purpose Polyester thread 200m, color 1059 3,25 Scanfil All Purpose Polyester thread 200m, color 1246 2,00 Zipper, green, 30cm 2,00 Zipper, pink, 30cm 0,75 Bias tape, brown, 1m
2,24 Ribbon, red 3.20m
3,10 Ribbon, red 2m
0,27 Ribbon…

My quilting WIPs and UFOs in December 2018

One month has passed since the last update on my projects, so I thought I'd write down a little on how far I've gotten on all of them. This is the last update for all my projects this year, and I’m thinking of continuing next year too with this regular posting  about how work on my WIP:s and UFO:s are continuing. It keeps me on track, and it’s nice to see how much I get done during a month. During December, the month started with me having the muscles in my right thumb really aching and sore. I blame Rainbow Scraps for that. It was already the second time I had gotten that particular problem, and I knew the only thing I could do to have it get better was NOT to use my hand.

So, it meant no hand-sewing. No crafting. Basically, trying to use the hand as little as possible (which was nearly impossible) and having to eat ibuprofen and the like.

Yuck, how boring that whole episode was.

Then, my son got an eye infection. Then my daughter got it, and of course me too. And after it wa…

Studio update 3/2018

Look! More shelves for fabrics! (I know, I know, the rest is a mess, but that’s because I desperately moved stuff from the living room table to the studio before I thought I should take a photo of the new shelves...)
After seeing Lorena using ordinary card board to organizing her fabric stash, I wanted to try it out on my stash too.
I’m glad I did, even if it meant a LOT of re-folding my fabrics and cleaning up in the studio. I even had to figure out a way to fit those shelves in the studio. Which meant moving around a lot of stuff and then vacuuming away all the mini dust bunnies and fabric threads that suddenly saw daylight.
One thing I started to see immediately, was that I have a LOT of floral fabrics. Like, at least 20 fabrics. Now, the thing to keep in mind is that I usually buy fabric in second hand stores and flea markets, so I usually just take what I find. But it was still interesting to notice that. (They’re located on the second shelf, just look above the white candy box i…

Stash update 22/2018

I am a bit behind on listing what quilting supplies I've bought, so I will just list them here so I can get an accurate account of them.
I've bought my first ever cotton batting, just to try out how it is to quilt with. I've also bought more glue for EPP, and also more spray glue so I can finish basting more color block quilts. I also bought half a meter of a quilting cotton print that happened to caught my eye in the bins of handicraft  fabrics at Eurokangas
I found a better photo online of the print that's on the fabric, because my own photo turned out bad and I don't want to retake it :P

  3,43   quilting cotton, 50 cm x WOF (114 cm),             "Soldier's Story II" by Jodi Barrows of Square in a Square for Studio e,
            100% cotton print, patt 3376
14,45   cotton batting -----------
17,88 €
Halonen 33,80   2 cans of spray glue -15% discount -----------
28,73 €
3,90   2 glue sticks, to use for glue basting my EPP
3,90 …

My quilting WIPs and UFOs in November 2018

One month has passed since the last progress update on my projects, so I thought I'd write an update on how far I've gotten on all of them.
During November, we started out the month with daycare flu twice and ended the month with getting the flu vaccination.
Still, the days when we were well, I tried getting as much sewing done on my projects as I possibly could. I also felt well (and motivated enough) to start cleaning up in my small closet studio. I saw this video Lorena made about organizing her fabric by wrapping it around normal card board, that she cut out from ordinary boxes. So, I did that too.

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Tonight, I’m joining @charmaboutyou for the #saturdaynightcraftalong. Tonight, I’m hoping you other crafters have had more fun than me this evening. Because I’ve been cleaning in my little closet studio. 3 h worth of cleaning. Why? Well, I saw this video on YouTube about a woman who just folded her fabric around cut up card board from old Amazon…