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Thursday's quilting course

To be able to do any sort of crafting regularly, with the kids around and me being a stay-at-home-mom for the time being, I've enrolled in several shorter and one long course at the Arbis-institute this autumn-spring semester.
Thursdays are my favorite day of the week, because of the evening quilting course.
2,5 hours of uninterrupted crafting is reeeeeeally nice. Even when the only thing I get to do is cut pieces for works-in-progress. Even when it's boring. Which it was. But I had people around to talk to, so that made it bearable.

I had taken with me my whole stash of purples and oranges, but in those 2,5 hours all I had time to cut up where the purples.

Since the ironing boards are in the same room as the big cutting table, I was talking with whomever was currently ironing their quilt pieces or fabrics. Someone commented that she' be "unwilling and scared to cut up such lovely fabric" and that she'd just "keep on storing it".
I don't want t…

Finished quilt: Aimo's babyquilt

Fabrics used: Each color block has 35 different fabric squares + 1 square of the white background fabric. Most are reused fabrics found second hand, but e.g. most of the turquoise fabrics are new. Batting and backing fabric: Double layer of thinnest polyester batting found at Eurokangas. Reused IKEA bed duvet cover I've gotten from mom. Quilting pattern: Angela Walters' "swirl hook", orange peel and variants thereof.  Top thread:  Gutermann quilting thread, 100% cotton, 200m, color 618. Took slightly more than one spool.  Bobbin thread:  Gutermann Mara 120, 100% polyester, 1000m, color 800 (white). Used a bit more than 5 filled bobbins. Same thread used for piecing the blocks, on interfacing.

While I was attending the Arbis course "Jeans makeover" last weekend, I asked if anybody could help me take a photo of the quilt before I sent it off to Tampere to little Aimo's parents. Our teacher Carola obliged.
Why do I seem lately to forget to take a photo of the …

What I'm working on: Aimo's babyquilt

This one is going to be rather picture heavy post.

But I don't think you will mind :)

What I'm working on: putting up new blinds

So, one of the things about being a houseowner is that you have to learn a lot of how to fix thing on and in a house.
But I actually knew already how to put up blinds from Ikea. Our house gets a lot of noon and afternoon light in through the windows in both the kitchen and the living room, which makes it really warm indoors during the long summer days and nights that Finland gets.
So, we've steadily bought more and more of these type of blinds that don't let ANY light in. Because it's really nice to get to go to sleep in a dark room in the summer, even those days when the sun just goes down for maybe 30 min tops.
So, my work table in the living room has been looking like this today:

I did finish putting up all three today, so from now on, we have 3/6 windows in the living room that have working blinds again. Because trust me, sawing metal and having lots of trash on one of your "quilting areas" isn't a thing any quilter wants!

Stash update 4/2018

After the "Jeans makeover"-course had ended, I headed home via the Red Cross second hand store. Up on the second floor, in the hobby and craft material section, I found five fabric pieces. They had a sign saying "3 euros per bit or 5 euros for a whole bag".

Yes, I took and started to fill a bag, and no, it didn't matter to me that I didn't get it filled to the brim. Two solids and three prints were a good haul.

Somehow, four of the fabric pieces match really well. The green novelty fabric was a "oh, let's just take it" impulse.

5,00 bag of fabrics
______________ 5,00 € total
Total spent on stash this year:  193,92 + 5,00 = 198,92 €