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Yesterday wasn't a nice day

Good day to you all! It's 2 p.m. and Micke is still lying in bed. He got home at 7 a.m. He told me that he and his friends had been busted by the police for playing Rock Band 2 in T's apartment at 5 a.m.

Bloody frickin' 5 a.m.!

And I thought my partner was smarter than this. And that goes for his friends too. While they were having "fun", I was busy feeling sad and grieving because of the news I got yesterday, and trying to sleep after Mimi and I had had a talk along with tea and dessert. Some lunatic with a "private number" woke me up at 04:45 a.m., and all I could hear was breathing on the other end. First time that happened. "Mr Private" called me 4 times. I only answered twice: first time cause I thought it was someone else, and second time because I was so sleepy I answered anyway. Damn stupid if you ask me, but your not exactly at your best at 5 in the morning.

Our house is a mess. Jee wizz. I should do some MAJOR cleaning, but with Micke…

Out with the old blogg-template.... with the new.

Yesterday, I managed to fuck up both my phone and the template on my blogg. Don't ask how, it was just so stupid of me. I was reminded - yet again - of the importance of doing backups. Or, more correctly, to HAVE backups.... All it usually takes is 10 min and a few clicks. Alas, it was again but a fine dream.


Well, the phone has now gotten all it's software re-installed and updated. The only thing I "lost" to the ether was every single little entry in my calender. Why - oh why! - hasn't Nokia made their stupid blocky Ovi-program able to sync calenders from OTHER sources than via Microsoft Outlook. I mean - hello! - there are people using e.g. Google calender. Or Ical on Mac! We are not all total Microsoft-program-slaves.


One thing about getting your blogger-template completely trashed though is finally fining the time needed to search for a new one. The old one was one I managed to tweak, using an already existing one found on Blog…


Belive me,  I'm not trying to make a fashion statement, and I'm not posting photos of myself here to satisfy some intense craving for adulation or some such rubbish.

No, I'm simply posting it because it is so RARE for me to be caught on camera in a moment when
A. I'm being completely myself
B. The picture (despite A. !) turns out okay.

*looks at pic*

Yupp, that's me, silly grin and all. Micke took the picture with my Nokia 6220-c.The resolution it gives the photos is real nice.

My birthday, and some other things

Much has happened since I last wrote anything.

We attended the beautiful wedding of Mattias and Josefine in Porvoo. That weekend was really great, and really taxing. I so hope they like the present we gave them! There's a photo of them down below, if you scroll a bit. I went to the library some more, I installed some new apps on my phone, me+Micke+Thomas went to see the movie "Invictus". Great movie, even though I'm not a rugby fan.

My birthday and it's birthday party came and went, and I got the flu because of it. Never dance with a lot of people in a room with bad air conditioning if your immune system is cut to crap. So, sick again, and this time is made med miss Lent (fastlagen). I didn't get to spend time with my friends at school, eating the traditional peasoup and eating "fastlagsbullar" with both jam and almond paste. Yupp, have to have both. Otherwise, what's the point of gorging yourself? But, I missed it, and I missed the whole "

(review) Stephanie Meyer: "The Host"

After finally getting my hands on the book (thank you Turku library!) I was so happy to find that, once again, Stephenie is the queen of the first person narrative. I think that's what has made the "Twilight"-series so popular: the fact that the text just sweeps you along, and you feel as if you're experiencing exactly what the person on the page is actually feeling. I find it riveting, although at times slightly alarming, that the power of the written word can be so strong. I think it's a great book, but I can understand if some might find the story a little slow in the beginning. Persevere though, and there is much in the book that will both give you pause

This is one book I absolutely have to get as a hardback-copy for my own library. Especially with the lovely weird cover from the publisher Little, Brown and Company, who've also published Stephenie's Twilight books. The "thing " about the cover picture and how the "eye" glimmer…

When I'm dreaming, my REM takes me places

I think my brain is trying to tell me something. Creative persons that don't find an outlet for their creativity while awake, apparently have to do it while asleep. Add to that the extra stress that comes from not being creative enough while awake, and you end up with....

...nightmares. Lots and lots of them.

 People are afraid of the most silly things sometimes. I mean, people with OCD do the most weird things at times, and some people are too afraid to go out their own door. Most people however, become afraid when "normal" things don't "behave" in a way that they think they should behave. This, in particular, is why people get scared by things that "look human, but aren't". Like androids.

I'm scared of the things in the dark; not the dark itself, only the things in it I might not notice until it is "too late" (like stubbing your toes into the sofa). I hate the fact that zombies are too much a part of my nightmares (see! aga…