What I'm working on: the Kingfisher quilt

Oh happy day - the borders have been added!

And I think they turned out great. I'm truly amazed by the fact that I - after reading up on color theory and then trying my best while also using an app tool to help - actually managed to create a quilt with a color palette that WORKS!
Even the scrappy fabrics I've used for the hexie flowers work together well. On the overview photo some of them look a bit muted, and some of the oranges are so bright they shine, but close up the effect is much better. 

Oranges, browns and red.
With pink, and some odd greens, light blue and a few yellows.
Writing that down makes it sound like an insane mix. The patterns on the fabrics are also an insane mix: florals, geometrics, polka dots, stripes, pastoral idylls and solids.
Also, and in this I'm thankful for all the comments I got on Instagram for these photos, I noticed that I've chosen autumn colors. Without thinking.

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My Kingfisher quilt is starting to l…

What I’m working on: the Rainbow quilt

During September, so far, I’ve gotten a lot done on my Rainbow Scraps quilt. I took it with me to the Arbis quilting course on Tuesdays, and I’ve sewn on it in the city library (waiting to be able to go pick up the kids at daycare) and at home.

The borders are  finished, and that’s great! It feels nice to have gotten all that done, because it means I don’t have to use any pins on it in the future when and if I do any hand-quilting on it.
I really hate and loath getting pricked and scraped by all those darn pins. I hate needles too.
But it is getting easier to sew by hand. I’m getting better. The stitching looks more even, and I "get into the flow" of it. I'm only annoyed at the thing when I run out of sewing thread on the needle.

I've been contemplating a feather pattern for the borders. We'll see how that will go.

What I'm working on: the Kingfisher quilt

Guess what?
I sewed the the center together on two course lessons at Arbis! Here's two photos, one without any flowers on, and one with. I really like how it came together. Most points actually also match up - go me! 

I only have 8 flowers left to do. Then I have 46.
Wish me luck on those ;)

Contemplating focus for 2019

One of the more frustrating things about going to therapy is that you have no idea how long it will take to get your brain to fix itself again, just so you can get on with your life.
My therapist laughed with me when I honestly told her ”I’m here to be able able to stop seeing you”.
Because why else do it all, if not to get better?
So, since I can’t plan anything about my home-life, I can at least try to plan something about my crafting life. About ideas on what I’d like to focus on during 2019. During 2018 my goal has been to focus on free motion quilting, and I have done that. As well as try to become a more accurate piecer and machine sewist.
I’m contemplating hand-sewing as my focus for 2019.
To do that, I have two projects in mind:

English paper piecing
Continuing with EPP (English paper piecing), I’d like to make a quilt called ”Lucy’s Terrace” (pattern by Jodi Godfrey of Tales of Cloth) which is based on a quilt called Lucy Boston which is made from a historical pattern called ”…

Stash update 17/2018

The Monday our kids started in daycare, I stayed with Little girl in her group for maybe 1,5 hours and then stayed outside in the nearby park (Skeppsparken) until I could go and get my bike from the repair shop.

Afterwards, I took a detour via my husband’s job and picked up our car. I went via Halonen's sewing machine store to buy a new cutting mat (both of my two 30x60 cm mats are in such bad condition that I'd rather not use them anymore), and also via Eurokangas to buy some interfacing.

I cleaned up a bit and put the new mat to use straight away. It's a Fiskars (yay, Finnish products) and it's thinner that the green mats I've been using before. It's more flexible too. We'll see how it feels in use, maybe it's better than the thicker ones?
I cut out fabric for some place mats, and some fabric for small towels. These came out of fabric I'd gotten donated from Frida.
Halonen 4,45      1 m thick flax ribbon 1,00      2 m thin cotton ribbon 49,00    60x90 …

My quilting WIPs and UFOs in August 2018

One month has passed since the last progress update on my projects, so I thought I'd write an update on how far I've gotten on all of them.
During August, I think therapy for me started working, because I started feeling better. We also got our kids accepted into daycare. They’re starting on the 3rd of September. There’s a lot of schedules we’re having to start conforming to, to ease the kids into getting used to the daycare’s schedule.
On September  2nd, I attended a sew LAN-party which a larper friend was hosting. I got lots done then. 
Otherwise, I have just tried to make my nearly 2 months of sickleave just that: trying to get better by -not- doing too much. Which have evolved into me doing a lot of sewing by hand, especially on the Rainbow quilt. I’m also contemplating more EPP projects, as well as what I want to focus on during 2019.
Oh, and I enrolled myself into some crafting courses at both Arbis and Vaasa Opisto for the fall. One of them is held during the day, and …

Boro sewing

Me and the kids are at home today with ”daycare flu”. Since our noses are constantly running, and we’re not feeling the greatest, I lit a fire in the fireplace and then tried to do some chores. After lunch, I took a shower...and noticed the jeans I had shopped online and been ”saving for a rainy day” HAD PRE-MADE HOLES IN THEM!

What’s a crafty mom to do? I don't want to have any pre-made holes in my pants, especially not since the weather is already turning cold!

Well, I did some boro sewing (it’s a Japanese mending technique) and fixed the holes with parts of my old cut up black/grey jeans. (Loved those old jeans btw, literally into pieces)

Yeah, thank you H&M... I couldn't see those holes all that well while I was shopping on my phone...

 I started with gluing (yay for having my EPP glue basting glue nearby) the patches to the inside of the pants.

 Then it was just big stitch sewing.

It think it looked great!

 Weaving in thread ends. I opted out of using knots.

Not bad at…

My progress in the Goodreads reading challenge of 2018

I have read 56 books now, in August, according to my Goodreads tracking.

(Yes, still LOTS of paranormal romance books read here)
Oh, it’s much more than that, but somehow I find that I would feel embarrassed to add all the childrens books I’ve read to the count. Because some of those books have been read about a 100 times (surely!) by now. What with having to read some of them over and over again straight after finishing.
Reading to kids can be like that.
Or, after the first page, they can be like ”meeh!” and don’t want to see the book again. They’re small book snobs.
Picky readers, gotta love them 😘

What I’m working on: the Rainbow quilt

I have only the borders left until the top is done.
I have -only- the borders left...

Nearly done with one, look:

It feels like this is taking forever.

Because of these borders. That I pinning on, and sewing, one at time. Because I really don’t need any more pins-and-needles related accidents. Twice have been quite enough, thank you kindly.
It’s official now. I have BLED for this quilt. Damn those pinning needles... #scrapquilt #tickertape #rainbowquilt #needlesareawful Ett inlägg delat av Linnea Grönstrand-Mölsä (@linneagronstrandmolsa) 3 Aug 2018 kl. 4:51 PDT
That was the first one.
The second one was when my little boy started kicking  me on the lap and legs while I was sitting on the sofa (and sewing on the first border). He kicked a pin straight into the right side of my right knee. I bled through the pajama-pants I was wearing, and I won’t hand-sew while sitting there in a looooong long while either now. That much pain was quite enough once, thank you very much!
But, still thre…

What I’m working on: the Kingfisher quilt

At the last update, I had 10 hexie flowers/rosettes made.
Now I have 22.

It means (if I follow the pattern and make a square quilt) that I only have 24 hexie flowers/rosettes more to sew! And then it’s onward and starting to plan how I want all of them to lay on the quilt. I predict some difficulties, because some of the flowers/rosettes don’t match the others particularly well. As mentioned before, I may have to place some flowers/rosettes on the back of the quilt.
Maybe to become part of a quilt label? Well see when we get there ;) 

What I’m working on: the Kingfisher quilt

There are times when something (that something in this case being a social media event) gets you interested, but you only join up when are pulled in by sheer gravitas as you start to see the physical representations of that event.
That made no sense to you?
Okay, but if I say that a quilt-along/stitch-along social media event pulled me in when I started seeing the quilts people were creating?
Does it make more sense now?
Anyway, searching for #kingfisherstitchalong on Instagram will show you lots of pretty. And even though I had already decided NOT to take part in it, back before the summer started and the event was announced and kicked off, well...I obviously changed my mind.
And instead cut out the background pieces for the quilt one day before the event was to officially end.

I thought, while I was feeling really ”off” in my head (because my therapy had only just begun), that ”I could try to just make the quilt out of things in my stash” and ”I think I can scavenge together enough…

My quilting WIPs and UFOs in June and July 2018

Almost two month have passed since the last progress update on my projects, so I thought I'd write an update on how far I've gotten on all of them.

During May, I had to bring my Pfaff sewing machine in to be serviced. I did that on the 25th, and it the technician until the 17th of July to find parts and get it fixed. Not only was the bobbin winder broken (that's the reason I brought it in to be fixed), the electronics that regulate the stitch length had gotten broken too. I'm so relieved to get it back. No more stalling because I'd rather be using the even feed feature on that machine, than use the Husqvarna machine that doesn't have it at all.

Thanks to that whole thing, and me feeling depressed about that and other things, not many quilting projects have had any progress. But since I instead actually have had some time to go shopping for supplies, I can get some things done now.

Like before, some projects have been moved from UFO to WIP, and vice versa. The …

Stash update 16/2018

Today, while on our way into town, I ran in to the mail boxes in our local store to pick up a package. I had ordered a few thing from Ompelijan maailma ("Sewist world" in English). It was the only store in Finland (online) that I could find all the things I needed at the same time.
What I really needed were the thimbles. I've lost my old metallic one, and it wasn't even all that comfortable to wear. So, I snooped around, and I found the ones in the photo. They grip well around your fingers because they're soft, and I found them in S, M and L sizes.
Yes, I bought all three sizes, because I had no idea what sizes my fingers are in their scale.
Size L fits my thumb, and size S all my other fingers (on both hands), So I have and extra size M. Which fits if I happen to have a plaster around my finger (yes, I could check because this happened today...)
It’s official now. I have BLED for this quilt. Damn those pinning needles... #scrapquilt #tickertape #rainbowquilt #nee…