Spring show 2018 at Arbis

"Vasa Arbis vårutställning 8.5.2018"

With the kids (still down with the flu but feeling better anyway) and my husband Mikael in tow, I tried to capture photos of as many of the beautiful handcrafted works I could, but I missed a lot of the woodwork pieces and croquis-paintings.
My sewing teacher Carola also wrote about the exhibit, on Instagram :) And she has more photos of the woodwork
I wanted to see the different quilts and patchworks most of all, and I got photos of most of them. Myself, I had given six projects to my sewing course teacher to display in the show. At the last show, last fall, I only submitted one, and I thought that this time that it would be okay for me to submit more. Three of the projects were small (two small denim bags and the Fancy Fox mini-quilt) and three were larger (the Blue Roses and Denim quilt, the Fake cathedral windows quilt and the Cars quilt)

All the works were displayed without any maker names, so I can’t tell you who made what. Except my…

My quilting WIPs and UFOs in May 2018

One month has passed since the last progress update on these, so I thought I'd write an update on how far I've gotten on all of my projects. During April, I've (among other things) been to a sewing weekend at Arbis, so that helped with getting some of the projects a little further along.

Some projects have been moved from UFO to WIP, and vice versa. The lists are fluid that way :) These are my WIP:s 1. the Blue Roses and Denim quilt
This one is DONE! And it looks great :) 2. the 12 Color blocks quilts
Yes, twelve of them. And so far, three have been completed. You can see them here; firstsecond, and third.No progress at all since last time I wrote. Which is a bit bad, but I have wanted to get other projects cleared away to have time to work on these.This project still needs some backing fabrics, now that I have bought batting. And quilting plans for all of these. 3. the Odd blocks color quilt nr 2, aka Violet and Orange Sawtooth Stars
I've made some progress! I now hav…

Finished quilt: Blue Roses and Denim

Quilt details Name, Recipient, Size, Start/Finished date, Pattern and Fabrics usedBlue Roses and Denim quilt, also known as ”Rosalie"I made it for me, to match the fabrics on my office chair..123 x 147 cm (length x height).3.2.2018 - 29.4.2018.I improvised the piecing/pattern, but it's a variant of a four-patch. I wanted to use up the last fabric scraps I had of the same fabric I used to cover my office chair. I planned the four-patches based on how much 15x15 cm fabric square and halves I could cut out from the fabric.The upholstery fabric that's mentioned above, and denim squares out of old jeans. Batting, backing and binding fabric:Single layer of medium polyester batting (100 g, 1 cm thick) bought at Kruunun Kangas.Newly bought slightly stretchy fabric I found at Eurokangas.Binding was made out of the same fabrics I had used in the quilt (denim scraps, both blue roses fabrics). The binding I did on this quilt is via a method I read on a blog*, and I’ve tried to find …