What I’m working on: five projects for 2019

I wrote a while back a little about my quilt project plans for the year 2019.
In that post, I mentioned two things I had thought about for next year; learning more handsewing and more EPP. For those, I had thought just two projects to focus on for 2019 would be nice: the Lucy Boston ”Patchwork of the Crosses” variant called ”Lucy’s Terrace” by Jodi Godfrey of Tales of Cloth.A denim quilt with a sashiko theme. Well, best laid plans of mice and men, and all that. 
Kristen Esser on her podcast ”Simple. Handmade. Everyday” mentioned in ep 15 (link) (which I listened to yesterday) that she and some others are planning a quilt-along for next year (starting in January) and the theme will be ”quilting by hand”.
I want to take part in that.
And then, while I was browsing around Pinterest, Instagram and Google for ideas about what type of denim quilt I could make... I stumbled upon Deanna Lynn Cole’s Instagram feed, where she had just about completed all the ”100 blocks in 100 days of 2018” cha…

Craft courses 2018: Making jewelry from recycled materials, part 2

So last Wednesday I was to the last lesson on this jewelry from recycled materials course. I wrote about it last week too. In excellent course theme in my opinion, and I only wished it could have been longer. Like I previously wrote, Anne Viinikka is an excellent teacher with a clear passion for using recycled materials. She's truly creative.
Because of this, I thought I'd give you a peek at her work :)
I took some photos of the show-and-tell pieces she had brought with her to present ideas and what she has done in different materials. Of these materials, she had used: inner rubber of a bicycle ring (her boys apparently bike a LOT)fabric scraps, yarn and threadleather scraps (from old bags, belts and jackets, some bought second hand and some just broken and reused)buttonszipperslace (stiffened with basic potato starch based glue)the plastic "glass" of old sunglassesold silver teaspoonsold keyboard keysbottle caps Let's start with this ring. Viinikka said her insp…

What I'm working on: the One Block Wonder quilt

Lots of progress has been made on my One Block Wonder (OBW for short). It took me all of one Thursday to get the outer borders figured out, pieced together and stitched on the already stitched three borders.

This is how it looked when I had stitched on part of the new outer border - it's the half-rectangle (HRT) and half-square triangle (HST) border added to the upper and lower side on the quilt top.

I pieced together the rest of that border from the remaining HST:s I had. I just divided them equally on the sides and added white the rest of the way.

After a lot of ironing, it looked like this:


Those are some really friendly borders. (Because they wave at you...)

Despite all the waves and unevenness, I decided (after having drunk a cup of tea and taken some photos and planned the backing) that I would leave them as is. I had - in my own opinion - already spent way enough time on this project than I wanted. Therefore, I just wanted it to finished.
Thus, I left it like this. It …

Craft courses 2018: Making jewelry from recycled materials

I'm attending a short course at Vaasa Opisto, held by Anne Viinikka. It's about making jewelry from recycled materials. Only thing I don't like about the course is that it is TOO SHORT. I would have been more than fine with it lasting a whole semester, let alone the two days it's going to take! Anne is a great teacher, she's funny and her jewelry is inspirational.
This was the first time in, well, I think it might have been at least three years since I've made some jewelry.
And I noticed straight away how rusty my skill with the pliers were.
*sigh* Anyway, I had some specific projects in mind when I arrived to the course, and I got inspiration for one more when I saw the pieces Anne presented.
The first was this necklace that I needed to put a clasp on. I've had it in a small plastic bag for nearly two years now, I think. Putting a clasp lock and a name-tag on went rather quickly. Why on Earth did I wait so long to do it?

Then, the second of them were what …

Finished quilt: the One for Emma

Quilt detailsName, Recipient, Size, Start/Finished date, Pattern and Fabrics usedThe One for Emmafor Emma Collander, for her birthday 2018.140 x 152 cm (length x height).22.7 - 1.10.2018.variant of a modern HST quiltAbout the fabrics used for the quilt topSolids in 6 colors of violet and orange from my stash."Remix Geometry in Sunset" by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics".Donated triangles in a neutral white color from Arbis' stash.Leftover piece of violet used for making a skinny border 1.Largest piece of orange fabric I had used for making border 2.Binding was made out of parts from a violet shirt bought second hand.Batting, backing and binding fabric:Single layer of thinnest (40 g) polyester batting from Kruunun Kangas.The quilt back is a donated bed linen fabric from my mom. Binding was made out of 5 cm wide violet fabric strips.Quilting pattern:Center quilted by doing fillers on the neutral fabric on the HST, as well as on some of the Alison Glass fabrics.Border…