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Turned loose at the library....

It's an unwritten rule that people are supposed to read the magazines that you find at your hairdresser, when you are sitting in their domain. *fact of life*
Still, there is only so much Cosmopolitan or Me Naiset etc. that I manage to stomach before the laughter in my brain wants to make it out through my mouth. I mean, how am I supposed to read articles concerning "How to survive when your BFF grows up" or "Är din karl en mussla" (srsly! the last one is from the Swedish Cosmo, the December issue). I just had to quit before I made a fool of my self...

I still have the worlds best hairdresser, though! I'll defend her with the steel in my sharp wit and the hard heels of my stilettos if needed   :)

So, after partaking in the urban ritual that gets my hair to look nice again, I went to the library. Just to look, mind you. And I came home with the books you can see in the picture....

Finally! A copy of Stephenie Meyer's book "The Host"just for me! F…

My working lunch...

... is also Chicken soup for the soul. (Hah! Thus making a pun of me eating chicken soup, and this phenomenon).

Yep, I use pink Post-Its. Heart-shaped. Also, the weather outside is really nice today, look!

If you were a caveman.... what would you eat?

Woolly mammoth, nuts, berries, some water perhaps? And how would this differ from the things that "normal" monkeys eat? Homo sapiens as a species has had about 10 000 years (since the last interglacial period) to become what we are today. And still we are so much like our ancestors. Only with an addition of antibiotics, dietary supplements, more sterile living and city dust.

Anyway, there is (apparently) a community found online that came some time ago to the conclusion that maybe we should be eating in accordance with how our ancestors did, 10 000 or so years ago. When a diet made up of mostly fats, proteins and only some sugars were "the" diet of choice.

Query: If man hasn't changed physiologically very much in 10 000 years... then why are we eating as if we really have?
This online community of people decided that "this won't do", and promptly went "paleo" (from the word "paleolitic"). If you check out Wikipedia for "paleo…

Super-glue is dangerous!

Guess what folks: I managed yesterday to glue together two fingers on my right hand....
The experience can be summarized very aptly using Mimi's advice: "Using gloves when you're using super-glue is reeeeeally smart". Yupp, my middle and ring finger can attest to that. Such a fail of epic proportions. And it really hurt getting them to come off one another. Lost some skin in the process. Yuck!

Anyway, we managed to make jewellery for perhaps a few hours more than we should have.... We packed away everything at about 24:00, making Mimi definitely miss her last bus. Micke happily played some computer game, so even though I had asked him to kindly come and tell us when it would have been time to stop (22:00), he forgot. And we forgot, so apparently time is really very relative :)
I taught Mimi how to make/knot pearls into a necklace, and what a star pupil she made! I started making a new one too - this time in red - after the mishap with the glue.

So, today is J&…

Yesterday I felt so weird, I thought...

... I was going to get ill. Seriously, it felt like the beginning of a fever. Today however, I feel.... not so sick and not so warm as yesterday. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn't return with vengeance tonight!

Anyway, tomorrow some of the girls are supposed to come over, since I decided to host an "arts and crafts" evening. Last time it was just me and Sally... and (a few) midnight margaritas. That time, the "crafting" took over the dining-room table completely. (See the picture below if you don't believe me).

Anyway, this time is going to be similar, as I've planned for us to continue with the same theme. Jewellery. We'll see if we have enough creativity to go around - but if we don't, then we'll just talk girl-talk and relax.

Last - as well as this - week, when I've had some spare time, I've been surfing the net for "creative ideas" concerning jewellery. It's amazing how much you can find online, from DIY-manuals to…

We have a feng shui problem....

...and IKEA is partly to blame!

We have this "Leksvik" dresser in our bedroom. It's a nice and ordinary sort of dresser I guess. I bought it when I first moved to Turku (in 2001...) and it's been hanging on ever since. When me and Micke moved in together, we painted it brown (it used to be 'oldies grey') because otherwise our bedroom's theme of red & dark brown & whitewouldn't have been. Anyway, I've taken apart this dresser quite a few times, and me and Micke have taken it apart at least twice, so now it's getting "rusty in the seams" so to speak.

There's a wooden peg at the front of the lowest drawer that comes loose ALL the time now. It's highly annoying, because when it does, you can't get the drawer to close. And on top of it, it feels as if the dresser is LAUGHING you in the face because you can't get it in. So annoying, to say the least. I've glued the peg twice - won't hold btw - and I've tr…

Being lactose-intolerant :)

My family, and I think most of my friends as well, knows that I have lactose intolerance. I have friends who are too, and many times have we laughed at our good fortune in the matter. Living in Finland gives you one HUGE advantage in having this dietary deficiency: the innovation of LACTOSE FREE dairy products :)

When I was little (as in kinder garden and elementary school little) all you could get was milk with some of the lactose enzymatically hydrolyzed, making it more tolerable for people like me. Or actually, SOME of the people like me. Some people (like me!) can't even stomach dairy products marked HYLA or Into (the trade names for these hydrolyzed products). That's why it's soooooooooo sweet that finnish scientists came up with a way to make lactose free milk :)

*me likes!*

Anyway, when me and Micke went grocery shopping yesterday, I found out that now you can get Organic Lactose Free Milk (zomg!!!) from our favorite store k-Puhakka.

*me likes even more!*

"Tjugondag Knut kastas julen ut"

Today's the 13th of January, and by tradition all Christmas decorations have an invisible "best before 13.1" sticker. So, in accordance with tradition, this is the last day we'll have "our Miss Christmas tree 2009" in the living room. Finally, there will be no more spruce needles stuck under our socks.

*looks at the Christmas tree*

But I think I'm still going to miss it. I mean, it WAS mine and Micke's first own Christmas tree. First REAL Christmas together.

*gets a bit emotional*

Aw well, I think the best way to get it out and into the trash is to use the wire-cutter and demolish it into smaller pieces first. Otherwise there'll be too many needles in the stairwell and the elevator. And I don't wanna clean them up.

Sensory deprivation part 1: No voice

I knew I should have written this down immediately afterwards the "event" itself, but I still think I can sum it up pretty decently.

I managed to keep quiet for 24 h and 17 min. The only 'mistakes' I made was to snort a "hah!" at a book I was reading, and say "sheesh" at a thing that spooked me. Oh, and I laughed. Once.

First, being without a voice (sound) doesn't make you able NOT to communicate. In fact, suddenly you start to come up with all of these OTHER ways to tell people something. I didn't use Facebook or MSN, in fact all I wrote down the entire day was a shopping list together with Micke.
But I did draw a few pictures, point at different things, and nod or shake my head when Micke suggested stuff. I even whistled once, just to attract his attention, when I noticed that he doesn't register all that well when I wave at him.

Secondly, because I did it on a Sunday, there wasn't really that much interactions I needed to make. If …

My mental to-do list

In the legend of King Arthur, one of the stories is about how  "a woman's highest wish is to be able to decide for herself". What more could anyone ask, but to be able to choose for yourself? To always be yourself. - me

Silence is a spell

People make promises at New Year's Eve. Some people even make more than one. I make one that I'm sure to strive for every single day during the year. And then I re-promise it at the next New Year.

*won't tell you what it is though, it's my secret*

Anyway, this year I also made a few other CHOICES. Not promises, mind you. Choices. I want to see - for a period of 24 hours - how you can live without some of your senses. Yes, you have it right - sight, hearing, smell, voice... The senses I think I can come up with a way too do without.

I've read that sensory deprivation can make you mad. Because the mind cracks from being without stimuli. It is supposed to turn inwards, and create its own stimuli, making you go crazy from it.

Anyway, in 30 minutes it will be Sunday, and then I will be silent. It will be hard to uphold, since ANYONE who knows me knows that I love to talk and chatter. I think I'll try hard also NOT to use any other means of communication (Facebook, MSN,…