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Midsummer on Nagu - out in the archipelago

This year, we too the buss to spend Midsummer at the summer cottage of one of my Mom's friends. Birgitta's cottage is out on Nagu, which is an island out in the archipelago about 1,5 h ride south of Turku. The buss was hot, crammed (they had to put in 2 extra busses because all the people who needed a ride didn't fit!) and on top of it we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk the rest of the way.

Ah well, such is life.

But even though there were bugs (mostly mosqitoes), and Birgittas cottage is on the other side of Nagu guestharbour (so the noise from all the young people celebrating is heard PERFECTLY over the water), we had a really lovely time. (We = Mom, Dad, me, Micke, Svea and Birgitta.) Micke and me even took a dip in the sea, while cooling off from being in the sauna, and hurrrrrrrr it was COLD!


All of us toasting the midsummer (except Mom who's taking the pic)

Birgitta's summercottage has a really low ceiling. I can't stand upright in th…

I'm okay

That's what I've been told, and what I keep telling myself. Doctors at the BIG hospital in Turku told me "there's nothing somatically wrong with you" and "you're just hyperventilating, and that makes your heart feel like it's in pain". So apparently, all it was was 4-5 days of 'summer flu' and some hyperventilation. Took a total of 8 days to get rid of. Felt awfully weird though, and I'm still being tired all the time.

So, thank you all so much for your concern. I'm apparently okay now. But it scares you when you don't have the energy to even inform folks online that you're up and getting better. The headache I got from looking at a computer screen was really fierce, not to mention the nausea I got at times from just sitting upright.

I'm okay. I'm fine. Really, I am. There's nothing wrong with me. I'm just a little tiredall the time and my joints ache and I'm worried that I'm loosing muscle mass. …

Sick to the heart

I can't believe I nearly fainted as I rose from the dinnertable just minutes ago. Or maybe collapsed is a better word. Is just got up, but my legs wouldn't hold my weight, and so i just fell in a heap on the floor. Scared Micke somewhat horribly too; he had to pick me up and carry me to bed.

It started last Thursday, with slight fever and throwing up Now, if this was just a normal case of summer flu, I'd be okey 3 days afterwards, right? So why aren't I? I'm feeling excausted all the time, with barely enough energy to move around. Like a great preassure inside my cheast, making every step and breath a chore.

I have so many things to do: chores, plant the kitchen garden I want to have, and some school-stuff. But I can't, since I'm just tired ALL the time, and it's starting to scare me.

I'll have to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow, see if they can tell me what this is...

Trip to IKEA

Trip to IKEA with P and Micke turned out okay. If you've never been to this "modern church of Swedish interior decorating" (my Dad's words, not mine *), then you should be told BEFORE you visit one of these stores that the layout of the place ENCOURAGES you to walk through the ENTIRE store. No matter if the things you really need are at the end, you still have to walk through it all. You can - literally - spend HOURS in IKEA.

Unless you plan beforehand and already know where everything is and not to "fall" for all the little things along the way. Like the "Oh-my-goodness-this-thingamob-doesn't-cost-more-than-1euro-Oh-I'll-take-it!" or the "This-might-come-in-handy-someday-no-matter-that-it's-made-of-recycled-paper/bananaleaves/plastic"...

I fell today. For a red pizzaslicer, some photo holders and some red boxes at the "bargain bin"-department....

* My Dad is funny like that. It was kinda funny, and also kinda awful…

*sound of something falling on the floor*

I know I haven't written anything of late - I haven't been obnoxiously busy as such, but I really wanted to write something crafty and not something that's just general thinking out loud. Oh well, they say the road to Hell is paved with good thoughts anyway...

So, we've been thinking about getting me a desk. The problem with getting a desk is: where to put it, and how much to willingly pay for it? Obvious place to put it is in the living room (makes for a place filled with clutter, one that has to be cleared away each time we have a VIP over (like e.g. Micke's mom...). The not so obvious place is in Micke's workroom*, but then we'd have to manage to coexist and work in the same room. Let me tell you, neither room is great to put a desk in. And I hate that it is so. Because of a lot of other reasons than the ones above.

Better would be not to get a desk at all. Would be cheaper too. Even though a potential candidate would cost 39€ at IKEA. Next problem would…