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The last day of 2017

I stopped blogging for 1989 days.
That's how long it's been since my last post.
A lot has happened since then (enter comic eye brow movement here...), but I think we'll address those changes when they become apparent.
One of the changes I think I want to point out here right away: I changed the theme I had on the blog. I wanted something more "modern" and "simple" and "background should complement photos of colorful quilts".
Needless to say, the background stayed white. (Insert smirk here)
But I changed the name of the blog from just "Ea" (my nickname) to "Linnea "Ea" quilts...writes and lots more" (only the first part should show up in the title.
Why the name change? Well, I want to mainly document my experiences as I learn more and more about quilting, and as I become more and more skillful it's nice to look back and say "yes, I actually did THAT".
Other than writing about quilting, I want to write about m…