fredag 8 oktober 2010

Red "Karolina" circle cape

Since I went so long about tea in my previous post, I guess it's okay to post this separately.

The knitted circle cape "Karolina", from the book "Sticka i romantisk lantstil", is finally done. It's not that it was hard to make - the opposite in fact! - it was just that I didn't spend all my available "knitting time" on this project. You can read the info about it here.

It falls real nicely from your shoulders, and I guess it would have harmed to make it perhaps a tad bit larger. It really depends on how much yarn you have available, and if you want it to cover your back a bit more.

I'm using a flower brooch I made myself, to keep the thing together. A brooch/big nice safety pin is a must for this cape.

2 kommentarer:

Sally sa...

Uj! Den där ser helt siisti ut :)

Linnea "Ea" Grönstrand sa...

Tackar tackar - helt simpel och lätt att sticka var den också, som nämnt :)


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