A birthday gift to my dear brother

My dear little brother turned 26 last Tuesday, and even though I got his present ready the Thursday before that, I couldn't write about it here before he had gotten the present. Would have been kinda silly: him knowing beforehand what he would get, just because I wrote about it beforehand!

Anyway, I have the hardest time buying presents for my brother. That doesn't mean I don't try - oh boy do I try! But sometimes, finding him a present is like finding ice in Sahara. Just not plausible.
So, I try to do what my dear mother once told me about buying Christmas presents:

"Try to look for Christmas presents for people during the whole year, not just in December"

Sometimes, I actually manage come across things that are *perfect*. I found an alarm clock in a this weird interior decorating store (the clock had skulls on it...), and ever since my brother bought me a matching set of 3 raspberry colored kitchen containers with skulls on them... well, let's just say that it's become a "thing" for us two.

Alarm clock aside, I needed to -create- something for him too. That was where this came in:

It's part of an old T-shirt me and Harald got from our cousins in the US, years and years ago. It's a size L, and had been used as a PJ until the fabric got kinda ratty at places and it was stored away. Since I still thought the print was in good shape, and also since I just *couldn't* throw it away... I decided that I could make it the center piece in a quilt. The artist behind the cartoon print is Gary Larson, in case you're wondering.

After skimming through the clothes I had stoved away, I found two old T-shirts (one mine, one Micke's), two trousers (both mine), and some rest fabrics from my gray skirt I thought I could use. A trip to Eurokangas (a store) got me the padded material to use as the middle part, and a trip to IKEA with Mimi and Petter got me some cheap cotton to use as the back. From the sewing things I had inherited from both my grandmothers, I got white thread and some black ribbon to use for edging the quilt.

After some sewing, some more sewing, and a trip to Sally to sew the rest (I managed to make my own machine go kaputt in the process!), I finally got a quilt made that I thought was pretty neat. As well as a very personal gift; sewn by me, but containing bits and pieces from our whole family.

Trying to create a pattern.
I had hundreds of these small cut-aways all over the house by the time I was finished!

I finally decided - with Micke's help - on using
some of the small cut-aways as a decor element!

This is how large it became: about 1 m x 2 m.
I needed to put it on the table while I was trying to fit the bottom and padding.
Then, I needed to needle them together.

Bottom, padding, and top.

Lots and loooots of needles...

Trimming the whole thing, and needling on the ribbon.

I sewed parallel lines on the quilt, to keep the padding from sliding.

Kitty cat named "Alfa" is trying his best to help.
Apparently, the padding stopped him in his tracks.
He's one of Sally's cats.