How my day has been so far

Today was the first time in a long time that I only did breakfast for myself. I woke a bit late, so I had precious little time to spare. I knew I should have done my French-homework yesterday... *sigh*

Anyway, today also started with me getting an elbow in my nose, after greeting my love with the usual "good-morning-kiss-kiss-how-have-you-slept?"... He woke too fast, and managed to get his elbow smack! in my face.

Needless to say - between French and a sore nose - I didn't have that much time to spare. But the rest of the day have been running smoothly, and since I got home I've been tidying up my desk. "Gosh," I always say to myself, "how did all this JUNK manage to accumulate itself on such a tiny space!". Oh well, that has been taken care of, so now I can start accumulat.... I mean WORKING again.