Generating a name

Okay, this is going to be quite random*, but here we go.

I don't like coming up with names for my projects, essays, recipes... Never have, never will.

*lets out my breath, because the house didn't crash down around me*

Now that that is out, I just came up with a perfect solution. Name generating engines! If you google "name generator", the first thing that pops up on the list is...

.... the Fantasy Name Generator! How fitting, since I'm sure all the other ones are really nice and probably works like a charm... but it's the "fantasy" part of the thing that gets me. Yes, you may roll your eyes if it makes you feel any better. I'm still gonna use that one.

Quickly browsing through the other generators, I must say that out of the 10 name generators highest up on the list... 3 have to do with creating names for roleplaying. Concerning that, I am so not touching the World of Warcraft one. Why? Well, we have quite enough WoW at home here as it is**.

Anyway, using the FNG, I picked the setting called "short name", hit the button and a lot of short names came up. I look at them, and chose


So, the crochet blanket I'm currently making is going to be called that.

Getting there, piece by piece.
* This is a pun! Because, generating names via a randomizer is... random! Mu-ha-ha!
** Micke plays WoW. His "main" character is a level 85 undead warlock called Alochmar. Which, by the way, is such a unique name, that if you google it you'll only get sites where Micke uses it. Seriously, it's THAT unique. And, if you somehow missed the fact that no one else on Earth uses that name, then I'm surprised.