Helsinki Crafts fair 2011

Even though the Crafts' fair in Tampere is the biggest Craft-related event held every year in Finland, I've only ever been to the fairs in Helsinki and Turku. Next year, if I get anyone to go with or get someone to go with me, I actually might go to the one in Tampere. But that will take slightly more planning on my part than going to the one in Helsinki: asking some friends and just take an early morning train.

This year, however, is slightly different.

Because this is the first time I've actually got a free ticket! I never win any competitions or lotteries, so maybe this is just my reward for having good karma. Nevertheless, thank you so much Sinelli!

Sinelli is one of the bigger Arts and Crafts stores found e.g. in Helsinki. And it also happens to be one of my favorites.