Christmas Eve

Today we've spent a fairly typical Christmas at my parents: ate a LOT of things, played some boardgames and then ate some more on/off. Good thing I wore my new dress! It was suprisingly comfy 'to eat in'. I think I have to figure out a way to take it in even more or add shoulder straps, because it almost falls off me!

My brother Harald, Micke and then Birgitta.
She's one of my family's oldest acquaintances.
Harald - very typically - can't behave on a photo.
This is all the LEFTOVERS after we'd finished eating... Like my dad said; "[He] doesn't know how to cook for any less than 25 people at any given time".

So... this year's Christmas dinner left leftovers for at least 20 people.
Dad still had more "lådor" that could be put in the oven...
For those of you unfamiliar with the Christmas buffé of our family, then I can say it includes A LOT of EVERYTHING.
The years that me and Micke have spent in Turku - just the two of us - we haven't had leftovers for more that one meal after the "night of the buffé". After that, we've made pan pizza. Why? Because some traditions are meant to be broken, and 5 days of eating leftover Christmas food is definitely one of them.

Then, much much much later in the evening, we played the board game "Turtles". I found the "mutogen", so I won the game. Woopti-doo.

Just my biochemical unluck that I grew up playing games that were produced without a lot of spell checks. Or properly translated for that matter ;)

This game must be, what, close to 15 years old by now?
I see that the English version has some sort of contraption for
casting the dice

You move around the board, fighting "bad guys" (översatt till värstingar)
with your "good guys" (översatt til... wait for it...godingar!). After you've
defeated 3 bad guys with the same "mark" on them, you get to go to the center
of the board (the Technodrome) and battle Krang. If you win, you get the
Woo-hoo! I found the "mutogen".
I won :P
It's a totally ridiculous board game, but we at least had 30 min of fun playing it. After that, we played other things, but I forgot to take more photos. We actually also went to bed quite early...