tisdag 4 maj 2010

Trying with weft: crocheting a rug

Using the weft I had bought from Mom's favorite craft-store in Sökö, I made my first rag-rug. The crochet-pattern I used is a "granny triangle", which is just the normal granny square pattern in a triangle.

This little rug didn't take much time to make at all, so it's great evening craft-project. And you can use any pattern you want.

Start off crocheting as you would normally.
Be optimistic: try to keep the weft in the bag it came in ( :P )

Get crazy at the weft, then roll it into a ball. Cont. with crocheting.

Fasten off the weft and say "Ta-daa!", because you're done :)

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River Glorious sa...

Just wanted to greet you and say that your blog post made me smile today. God bless you!

Ambar in Puerto Rico


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