Vappen 2010

If you're spending your "Valborg" in Turku, there are places and events you just "must" take part in. These include:

- During April the 30th -
Attending the student-picnic.
Hearing the Brahe Djäknar choir sing in the Vårdberget-park (Vartiovuori in Finnish), and put on your student cap alongside every other Swedish-speaking student.
Attend a Vapp-dinner party.
Attend one-three after-parties: preferably at least the one held at Kåren. 

- During May the 1st -
Attend the picnic in the Vårdberget-park.
(Have a roaring hangover from all the sparkling wine and champagne you've drunk).

We went to put on our caps at Vårdberget, while the ever so lovely Brahe Djäknar-choir sang songs to hail the new spring. The list of songs they sing is very traditional, and the whole event is both televised and recorded for the radio.

[video to come here!]

Here's some pictures we took while on Vårdberget. It was quite chilly this year, but I'm so glad it didn't rain! The clouds that morning had looked so ominous.

Micke, smart as ever, holding our dry sparkling wine.

Me, grinning like crazy in my much-too-loose dress, holding our glasses.
(The problem with the dress is that it fit a lot better before I lost 4 kg and whatnot. I noticed it as I put it on, but by then it was too late to do anything about it).

The choir, and many other people listening to them :)

If you're not careful, a flying cork might just hit you on the head. We collected three in just 15 min!

This little gentleman-sparkling wine was Fredde's.
It looks soooo cute!

Dinner party afterwards at Fredde's was a huge success. Much singing: had slightly sore throat afterwards. We learnt new verse to a song I've always thought was funny. Next year we might hold the dinner party at our place, but we'll see about that when the time comes.

Picnic at Vårdberget on the 1st of May was also a huge success, but like Ida said: next year we'll coordinate a bit better! I had made us a chicken salad, baked a HUGE foccacia-bread and then we had bought strawberries and lactose-free ice cream. Nom nom! (I ate so much at the picnic that I didn't want to eat anything else for the rest of the day. Only drank some coffee and tea.)

After the sun hid behind the clouds and the wind got cold, we (me, Micke, Mimi, Ida and Emilia) went to our place and had a short nap and some coffee.

Josse and Henrik enjoying the sun in Turku this year,
not in Helsinki at the picnic in the Kaisaniemi-park.

Micke reading the morning paper (Hbl).

Emilia blowing some soap bubbles with Mimi watching.

Tove and the rest of the gang also enjoying the sun.

Oh! If you look at the EXACT center of this picture,
you'll see the Winnie the Pooh helium-balloon flying towards the sky.