My birthday, and some other things

Much has happened since I last wrote anything.

We attended the beautiful wedding of Mattias and Josefine in Porvoo. That weekend was really great, and really taxing. I so hope they like the present we gave them! There's a photo of them down below, if you scroll a bit. I went to the library some more, I installed some new apps on my phone, me+Micke+Thomas went to see the movie "Invictus". Great movie, even though I'm not a rugby fan.

My birthday and it's birthday party came and went, and I got the flu because of it. Never dance with a lot of people in a room with bad air conditioning if your immune system is cut to crap. So, sick again, and this time is made med miss Lent (fastlagen). I didn't get to spend time with my friends at school, eating the traditional peasoup and eating "fastlagsbullar" with both jam and almond paste. Yupp, have to have both. Otherwise, what's the point of gorging yourself? But, I missed it, and I missed the whole "pulka" race.

I wonder who won. And I didn't get to see Biotica's pulka. :/

I hope this fever will relent soon, because I am going to the party for the student union at Åbo Akademi University's 91st year party. It's this Saturday. The theme is "A thousand and one nights". I'm looking forward to it, and I'm still going even if I'm still feeling woozy from the fever.

*stubborn, pretty much like my father*

My brother is coming down to Turku on Thursday for the same party; I hope I'll get the house cleaned up by then...

Oh, and the only birthday presents I got were from Kaisa, and from my mama. Mama sent me some money to buy myself flowers (it's really impractical to send flowers through the mail!), and Kaisa got me a most hilarious b-card with some seriously annoying seventies disco music. She still gets my weird sense of what's a GOOD present.... and I sent her a dishrag with her favorite slogan on for her birthday :)

These are the flowers I got from mama. Petite roses are adorable, even if they never last long and attract bugs like crazy.

Josefine and Mattias, coming out of Porvoo cathedral.

Oh, this is from when we went to the pub "Old Bank" after seeing "Invictus". The joke was: "her drink, and HIS drink"... Mine is 12 cl, Micke's is 5 dl.