Out with the old blogg-template....

...in with the new.

Yesterday, I managed to fuck up both my phone and the template on my blogg. Don't ask how, it was just so stupid of me. I was reminded - yet again - of the importance of doing backups. Or, more correctly, to HAVE backups.... All it usually takes is 10 min and a few clicks. Alas, it was again but a fine dream.


Well, the phone has now gotten all it's software re-installed and updated. The only thing I "lost" to the ether was every single little entry in my calender. Why - oh why! - hasn't Nokia made their stupid blocky Ovi-program able to sync calenders from OTHER sources than via Microsoft Outlook. I mean - hello! - there are people using e.g. Google calender. Or Ical on Mac! We are not all total Microsoft-program-slaves.


One thing about getting your blogger-template completely trashed though is finally fining the time needed to search for a new one. The old one was one I managed to tweak, using an already existing one found on Blogger. This new one feels nicer though, and I finally have more that 2 spaces (main and sidebar) to post stuff to. Thank goodness for Ourblogtemplates.com. The color scheme on this uses the same orange, white and gray from my old one, but they're more substantially used now. I think I like it. What's your opinion?