Food and eating

h man, I just HAVE to tell you how unlucky we were on Saturday! After celebrating the very non-typical Halloween at a great student-party on Friday, we didn't have any *cough* extra energy to spend on making dinner on Saturday. So, we went out. And decided that Italian-type food would be nice. Close to the market square is the restaurant Frank Benelli's, which serves Italian-American food. So far so good.

We ordered starters (bruschetta) and main course (pizza + chicken) and then proceeded to wait for ONE AND A HALF HOURS (!) until we got them.

As compensation, offered with not-quite-so-sincere apologies from the kitchen, we got free dessert. Nice! So I ordered Sweet Lime Cheesecake, and Micke ordered a sort of haute couture ice-cream creation. And the kitchen still managed to GET THAT ORDER WRONG, so Micke got another type of ice-cream thingy.

What should have taken a max. of 1 h instead took 3, and on top of it all we missed the movie we wanted to go and see, and I got sick from eating my food. I sat and contemplated my queasy stomach in the ladies room for what seemed like half the night (but was probably just 10 min). We managed to get home, and there, I kinda just fell to bed and lay comatose until I fell asleep.

Lessons learned (again):
1. Frank Benelli's (along with Pizzeria Dennis and Rosso) is not to be visited again. Ever.
2. I will never eat mashed potatoes at a restaurant ever again.
3. I actually should order the food Micke thinks I would like, instead of the food I think I might want to try out....