Preparing for the funeral, and running errands

Today I had lunch at GreenZ (Salad and Coffee bar) which is quite close to the library and Kino Julia. The interior can only be described as "perky green" :P
Today's special was chicken salad, which I had with some balsamico. It was really good, and the price for it was okay too (8,90€). First time in long time I've had lunch while going for errands in the city center.

Night time by the river Aura

We have to travel up to Ostrobothnia on Friday, because Micke's grandmother Gerda sadly passed away on Sunday night. (I'm sorry if the next thing I write sounds too materialistic, but)I have to figure out if I need some new shoes for the funeral. I only have black shoes and sandals, and the boots will be too "ho" and the sandals might be to cold. I don't think Gerda would terribly mind if I came in either boots or sandals, but I think the rest of Micke's relatives will... and I don't want them thinking that Micke is living with a girl with noooo dress sense whatsoever.