Turku Christmas market day

Yesterday, me and Micke went to the restaurant Kerttu to have a piece of the famous "hamburger buffé". Yum! Micke ate four (!) hamburgers while I ate some goat cheese salad. What, no hamburgers for me? No, sadly no burgers for me, as my stomach has this thing against paprika (among a whole lot of other things....). So, sadly, no hamburgers for me :/

On our walk to Kerttu, we took a detour via the newly opened Christmas market. No snow, but the feeling of good-will was everywhere. The Christmas market is going to be held from this weekend every Saturday and Sunday, until Christmas. People were selling crafts, arts, snacks and other things.

I even took a video of the Christmas market, the part held at "Gamla Stortorget".

After eating at Kerttu, we arrived back to the market just in time to hear them declare the traditional "Christmas peace" and light the great tree in front of the cathedral. They had a short Christmas play on the stage, and as the lights were lit, a choir sang a psalm . They sang the first stof in finnish, then two in sweadish. It was so nice, and the good-will of the people gathered in the square was really tangible :)