Just a little Christmas-crazy

Ever since my Mom "killed Santa" (sorry, old family story there, will bore you with it another time), I've really enjoyed Christmas. Or perhaps it would be more truthful if I say that I 'like' the things that are done because of Christmas.

Anyway, when we last visited Ostrobothnia, Micke's paternal grandmother Laimi kindly donated to us three small tablecloths made of lace. Now, I soooo wanted to use one of them to create a Christmas tablecloth for our sofa table, I finally got out that red cloth I got cheaply from IKEA and started getting creative.

I used the sewing machine to sew the tablecloth, and then sew the lace on the cloth. Perhaps it looks a little plain, but for now I'm happy with it. Later, maybe I'll visit an arts&crafts-store and by some ribbons for the edges.
Since I DON'T consider myself able to create or arrange nice interior design objects (...), I'll just point out that the candlestick-holder was one I found cheaply at a flea market last week :) Been looking AGES for one able to hold tealights!