Ah, finally some peace around the house....

Oh my, I say like my cousin Saga: what a busy week! I've managed to clean the whole house, gotten my new glases from Instru, put the Christmas cards in the mail, hold a taco/tortilla dinner, buy and fix some Christmas presents, make chocolate truffles and get exhausted in the process.


I'm going to summarize the week in pics for you, mainly because I think pics are nice to look at :)

Mimi came over because I had an idea about how to make her some hat boxes. I got the cardboard from the trash container at school, and after we had gotten them bent (using a rolling pin I might add!) into the right shape we coated them in papier maché. The glue took 2 days to dry, but afterwards we could base paint them with a basic white acrylic paint. I have to ask Mimi to provide me with some pics of how they look once she finished decorating them.
Doing crafts is fun, and I used up some of my creativity creating some Christmas present jewellry and base painting a wooden box (that's going to be used later for storing jewellry, once it's finished).

And me, Sally and Daniel went to IKEA. Did you know they sell these totally ridiculous dress up hats for kids? Now you do... The one I'm wearing on my head is actually a... fruit basket. Yupp. Hilarious :P

Christmas shopping... Okey, while I was snooping around for presents for Micke, I came across this thing of horrisplendous beauty. A puzzle with 13200 pieces, of Michelangelos "The Creation of Man". I didn't check the prize for it, but I'm guessing that it must have been close to 200 euros...
Shopping on a whole is hard! I'm proud to say that I did go a bit over the top buying groceries for ... well everything ... but still managed had to carry 2 normal shopping bags + my rucksack + my blue shopping basket home on my own! And I STILL went to the post office with all of this to get my mail order package! My back was screaming obscenities at me the whole time, as well as afterwards too...
Oh, and for the first time in my life, I made liver casserole :) or "leverlåda" as it's called in finnish sweadish. The direct translation is "liver box", and if my cousins ever read this they KNOW what's so funny about that word.... :P

Oh, and we went to the Skanssi shopping center too! There's this really geeky store with super geeky presents, and I just have to say that SOMEDAY I'm going to buy my brother this knife holder, 'cause he TOTALLY deserves it :) But at 150 euros, it's NOT going to be this Christmas.
At Skanssi, I also saw this cute baby store Mökö, but it's more the shop sign I thought cute than the store itself :P

I sooo wanted to hold a pre-Christmas dinner with our friends, one without Christmas food. So we held a taco/tortilla dinner at our place, and we really had fun :) Micke took some videos with his new phone IN SECRET, and I must say on them I sooooo look the fool. *face palm* I hope he doesn't put them up on the webb... :)

Oh, and yesterday I made chocolate truffles. And the kitchen was such a mess afterwards... I noticed about halfway through making the second small batch that I didn't have any boxes or containers to put the finished pieces. So I had to take a break and "craft" some boxes (using cardbord, tape and some aluminum foil). Tadaa!

See me make truffles at YouTube too :)