Since I'm pretty much useless when I'm sick...

... I thought I'd catch up with making my Christmas wish list. Actually, Micke has been... well, not NAGGING, but politely reminded me at least twice that he wants me to make a list of possible presents he could get me for Christmas.

Christmas ain't r-e-a-l-l-y about giving presents... right? Just because it's NICE to get presents, and nice to give them too (the last part only applies if you can afford them, sadly), doesn't mean that's all that Christmas is about. This capitalistic shopping-frenzied holiday (and that's sooo what my Dad would say) used to be about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and before that it was about Yule and the celebration of the "returning" sun via the winter solstice. So, in honor of this, I'm wishing for:

1. Yarn, preferably in 'happy' colors like sunny yellow and lime-green
2. More tealights! And these can be those cheap white ones, since our candle holders are the ones providing the color.
3. A new frying pan, since the old one has it's Teflon coating coming off. Not so nice I might add!
4. General nick-nacks and girly craft stuff from Presento or Tiimari
5. Chocolate! I'm a girl, were you surprised?
6. Lingerie! As in, something without a lot of lace (it itches!) and that fits PERFECTLY. Oh, H&M has a new Christmas collection - yummy! (the one in the pic is from H&M and cost 20€)

That's about all I can think of right now... If I come up with anything new, I'll add it :)