Tomorrow is the big day! :)

Let me see now.... Have I missed anything?

1. Food for tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that - CHECK
2. Presents for everyone fixed and sent - CHECK
3. Christmas cards sent to people - CHECK
4. Last minute Christmas cleaning + do the dishes - not yet done
5. Christmas trees fixed and decorated - CHECK
6. Clothes washed and "party" clothes for 24th and 31st fixed - CHECK
7. Remembering to unwind - not yet done

*looks at the list*

Well, 5 out of 7 ain't that bad... right? And besides, Micke said he'll take care of the dishes. But why does is STILL feel like I've forgotten something? Like, you know - something HUGE and MEGA IMPORTANT and CAN'T DO CHRISTMAS WITHOUT IT.

Except the ham *iuh* 'cause we won't have ham this year. We'll have turkey, because my stomach can handle it better :)

If I notice (which will be too late to do something about it I guess) what's missing, I'll post it here later.