PJ Day - yay!

First, I need to say that here at us we had a really nice Christmas dinner (at the 24th), and we even had Thomas over as a guest :)
My cooking got compliments from both men, so I dare say it must have been fairly decent chow :P I did "my" version of the classical Finnish Christmas dinner servings and casseroles as follows:

1. turkey - instead of the ham
2. sweet potato - instead of the traditional baked potato casserole
3. pumpkin pie - instead of my family's traditional oven baked apple and prunes

I gots looots of Christmas pressies! Micke liked the ones I gave him (Nokia X6 phone + 3000 pieces puzzle of the world)., and I think Thomas liked the "keypete" I had found for him. Although it doesn't look like much, this little key holder actually has a REALLY strong magnet in its "paw" It even could hold up (for a few seconds anyway) my christmas-pressie cast-iron cooking pan!

I was so relieved that Micke liked his puzzle (actually, I think we all did :P ), and I was a bit surprised when we noticed that we had spent 9 h building it (the night between the 24th and 25th).

I'll leave you with some pictures of us fixing it :)