Midsummer on Nagu - out in the archipelago

This year, we too the buss to spend Midsummer at the summer cottage of one of my Mom's friends. Birgitta's cottage is out on Nagu, which is an island out in the archipelago about 1,5 h ride south of Turku. The buss was hot, crammed (they had to put in 2 extra busses because all the people who needed a ride didn't fit!) and on top of it we got off at the wrong stop and had to walk the rest of the way.

Ah well, such is life.

But even though there were bugs (mostly mosqitoes), and Birgittas cottage is on the other side of Nagu guestharbour (so the noise from all the young people celebrating is heard PERFECTLY over the water), we had a really lovely time. (We = Mom, Dad, me, Micke, Svea and Birgitta.) Micke and me even took a dip in the sea, while cooling off from being in the sauna, and hurrrrrrrr it was COLD!


All of us toasting the midsummer (except Mom who's taking the pic)

Birgitta's summercottage has a really low ceiling.
I can't stand upright in the doorways, and I'm only 168 cm.

Midsummer night's dinner.
 Fish was on the menue. And I don't know why my Dad looks so shocked.

I think this pic of me and Micke out on Korpoström is lovely.
The ice cream we ate was too :)