Sick to the heart

I can't believe I nearly fainted as I rose from the dinnertable just minutes ago. Or maybe collapsed is a better word. Is just got up, but my legs wouldn't hold my weight, and so i just fell in a heap on the floor. Scared Micke somewhat horribly too; he had to pick me up and carry me to bed.

It started last Thursday, with slight fever and throwing up Now, if this was just a normal case of summer flu, I'd be okey 3 days afterwards, right? So why aren't I? I'm feeling excausted all the time, with barely enough energy to move around. Like a great preassure inside my cheast, making every step and breath a chore.

I have so many things to do: chores, plant the kitchen garden I want to have, and some school-stuff. But I can't, since I'm just tired ALL the time, and it's starting to scare me.

I'll have to get a doctor's appointment tomorrow, see if they can tell me what this is...