*sound of something falling on the floor*

I know I haven't written anything of late - I haven't been obnoxiously busy as such, but I really wanted to write something crafty and not something that's just general thinking out loud. Oh well, they say the road to Hell is paved with good thoughts anyway...

So, we've been thinking about getting me a desk. The problem with getting a desk is: where to put it, and how much to willingly pay for it? Obvious place to put it is in the living room (makes for a place filled with clutter, one that has to be cleared away each time we have a VIP over (like e.g. Micke's mom...). The not so obvious place is in Micke's workroom*, but then we'd have to manage to coexist and work in the same room. Let me tell you, neither room is great to put a desk in. And I hate that it is so. Because of a lot of other reasons than the ones above.

Better would be not to get a desk at all. Would be cheaper too. Even though a potential candidate would cost 39€ at IKEA. Next problem would be how to get it home without a car? (song: "...and another one rides the bus...")

*or the bedroom, but I ain't putting a desk there in 1 M years.

What else? Well, I haven't planted anything in the pots for the balcony yet. I've gone and gotten everything I need in order to start planting, everything but one thing: the wanting to plant-thingy.

I want a kitchen garden with herbs (basil, thyme etc.) and salads, but at this rate it looks more like a dream than a reality. What I need is for someone or something to tell me to start doing it, before it's too late into the growing season. I also want to make the garden more perennial than annual, so I've decided not to plant any flowers this year. I just can't get flowers to grow on the balcony - the sun either burns them away or they just die, and if I buy pre-cultivated ones they (usually) get some sort of disease/mold and die. It's not easy, when it gets as hot as 40 degrees Celsius some days on that balcony.

The ones who built our whole neighborhood didn't plan accordingly - 40 degrees on the balcony and 35 degrees inside in the summer. Whoopee-doo! Oh, don't get me wrong, I love our home, but is annoying to live in it on some days.