Trip to IKEA

Trip to IKEA with P and Micke turned out okay. If you've never been to this "modern church of Swedish interior decorating" (my Dad's words, not mine *), then you should be told BEFORE you visit one of these stores that the layout of the place ENCOURAGES you to walk through the ENTIRE store. No matter if the things you really need are at the end, you still have to walk through it all. You can - literally - spend HOURS in IKEA.

Unless you plan beforehand and already know where everything is and not to "fall" for all the little things along the way. Like the "Oh-my-goodness-this-thingamob-doesn't-cost-more-than-1euro-Oh-I'll-take-it!" or the "This-might-come-in-handy-someday-no-matter-that-it's-made-of-recycled-paper/bananaleaves/plastic"...

I fell today. For a red pizzaslicer, some photo holders and some red boxes at the "bargain bin"-department....

* My Dad is funny like that. It was kinda funny, and also kinda awful, being a teenager in a household with his dry humor. Micke laughs the most at his jokes. Men....

Once we got home (and in record time I might add!) I started to "make" the desk into the one I eventually want it to become. This means that I now "only" have to prep the surface (with sandpaper), prime it with some wood stain, paint on a coat of varnish, and then (finally!) put together the whole desk. This will take all weekend, since both the stain and the varnish will have to be completely dry before the next step can be put into action.

Oh well, time to put on my old coverall and get to work.

Me, sandpapering away. Wee!
Micke was kind enough to take some pics :)

The photo holder on the right is the one you can clearly see the
difference between the stained and the non-stained wood.

Ta-daa! First coat of stain on, let's wait some hours and see if it
needs another. If I think it looks good as it is, I'll just paint on the varnish.

 ...6 hours later...

Yup, I thought it looked okay enough to begin with the varnish.
As you can see, I'm using a sponge to paint with, not a brush.
No brush marks that way, and boy it got done fast!

On the left you can see the "stained" wood,
and on the right the newly painted varnish.

Tomorrow, I'll get to see how the whole thing looks when it has dried. I'll get to assemble the desk then :)