Pear door stopper

A while back, I came across a really cute and simple design for a pear pin cushion on the blog of April Moffatt Design. However, since I've already made a ...few*... pin cushions for myself and really have no use for one more... I only made one. To try out the pattern.

* I think I've made 9 pin cushions in total. So far, I've given only 2 away, and I'm currently using 4 myself... *sigh*

But we did need to door stoppers. Because the old (read: shabby) ones were not that great to begin with, and since these seemed like it could function as a door stop, I wanted to try and make 2 sturdy ones.

I used fabric I had gotten from IKEA, I think it's the one called "Lenda" or "Minna".
Anyway, 100% sturdy cotton. I sewed the seames with the tripple straight seam, so it should hold.
The leaf is made from a rest fabric I got from Riikka.
The "twig" part is made out of brown satin cord.
The "stones" I used to fill them are these.

"Hello, I'm the one with rags in my upper
body and stones in my lower body. My
leaf is accentuated."

"Hello, I'm the one with a body
full of stones and a non-accentuated leaf."