Bad bloggers?

"Sorry that I've been away. I am a bad blogger."
- Neil Gailman

Why do people apologize when they haven't posted something on their blog for a while?
It isn't at all like when people ask other peoples' forgiveness for their tardiness. Or make excuses for their own existence. That last one is seriously despicable.

It's your blog. No one else's. Why the stress? o_O

On of the authors of a blog I really truly very much enjoy to read only posts about once a month. I think it's both the wait and the way he writes that makes it - truly - enjoyable.

Henceforth, I will never apologize for such behavior.

Likewise, I won't apologize for this photo.
Something I think the person who placed this sticker
(on the Theater bridge here in Turku) won't be doing either.