I'm a great fan of arts and crafts (pyssla in Swedish), and I usually have - to my boyfriend's despair - projects around the house that I'm working on. This interest started way back, when I was still a little girl in kindergarten. The women in my family are - by default - obnoxiously crafty at times, and I think I've inherited the "crafty-gene" from my mom's side of the family. Of all of them, my godmother (although she isn't a fairy!) is the *worst*. She takes craftiness to a whole another level.

I know a lot of techniques, mainly because my mom enrolled both me and my brother in kiddies art school when we were small. Oh, those Thursdays were the best! Working with clay, metal, paper and different sorts of paint taught us a lot. Later, upper secondary school courses and working crafts with kids in the scouts and guides both broadened the scope and taught you how to teach crafts to others. Wood and glass work, photography and computer-based crafts came later.

To date, the things I mostly use crafts for is making my own birthday- and holiday-cards, creating my own jewelry, creating knit- and crochet-wear (sticka och virka in Swedish), and sewing things on the sewing machine we got when me and Micke moved in together.

 In 2006 I started to learn how to quilt, and that part of my crafting has only grown. I now consider myself quite good at both piecing quilt tops and free motion quilting. I do the latter on my mom's old Husqvarna 6370 (it's a bit older than myself, hah!).

You can find all the posts I've written about my projects under the tag "crafts".

You can also find me on Ravelry.

 I usually post photos of the project, but sometimes I'm in such a hurry that all you'll get is a photo of "the finished thing".