Privacy policy

Information Collection And Use

My blog doesn't store anyone's data. It's as simple as that.

Mainly because I don't use ads from any third parties. I like my blog ad free.

So far, I don't even provide you the means of subscribing to my blog via email, so I don't store your email addresses.

Log Data and Cookies

Your browser, however, may store cookies and cache data of my site. You can delete them from your browser's saved data, and to do that you have to find the correct menus under "settings" in your browser.

Links To Other Sites

Credit where credit is due.

It's nice to provide references (mainly links to other sites) if I'm writing about something I think you might want to read, or if I want to share something I've found online. Sometimes I want to share a link from my own blog (track back) if I'm sharing on someone else's site.

Non of these sites are controlled or owned by me (think Wikipedia, other bloggers, craft stores etc).

updated December 30, 2017