In my little family, I'm the one who cooks. This passion (or mania....) comes from growing up watching my entire father's side of the family (dad, his sister, his brother, granny and grandpa) obsessing about food.

The food is the main thing - which is good and proper - and all else is secondary. 

This could really be the Grönstrand-family motto, the way we go on about food when we're gathered together. You should have seen the look on my Micke's face the first time he was introduced to "the Grönstrand way of food". If you don't take a second - or third! - serving, then something must have been wrong with the food. Not you.

When cooking, I rely a lot on my gut instinct. This accounts for some weird dishes at times, but mostly the things I cook are both edible and yummy. I try not to cross-kitchen too much, and I totally ABHOR using processed food products. I LIKE cooking from scratch.

Dad introduced us kids from the early start to both cross-kitchen delicacies and traditional Finnish dishes. When people in elementary school wondered about this weird thing called "curry" or "food with weird names", it was just totally ordinary food to me and my brother. Our education in cuisines of the world came in periods: periods of weeks when all dad would cook came from either one country, or a part of the world. Like that time in upper comprehensive school (högstadiet in Swedish) when all dad made was either Thai or Indian food (oh, I remember the sandalwood of the chicken!), or that other time in upper secondary school when he had his "fish" period.

The other great inspiration - one I can't even compete with - is of course my granny. I've inherited her recipe for "macaroni casserole" and "snålsoppa", and those are the single recipes I've been given that I will cherish for ever.

You can find all the posts I've written about food and such under the tag "cooking". I usually post photos of the dishes, but forget to write down the recipes.

Mmmm... warm halloumi cheese in a mixed salad.