I've loved reading since I was able to hold a Pixie-book in my own hands. That is, real early. I don't remember much about my early years as a reader, but I know I started out as a listener. Most do.
Both mom and dad read stories to me and my brother: everything from comics like Donald Duck to Astrid Lindgren. Only problem was, they couldn't satisfy my book-hunger fast enough, so I had to evolve into a reader.

The bookshelves we had at home back in those days have inspired me later in life to accumulate books for a library of my own now. It contains mainly books in the Fantasy and Science fiction genre, but you can find some Classics, some Chemistry and Biochemistry, and some of Mikael's Thriller books if you search the shelves.

What our living room/library looked like in Turku
For bibliophiles curious about our library and my reading habits, I can be found at LibraryThing and Goodreads.

Nowadays, the library competes with the children's playroom...I mean, with the living room.

And the children's own library have gotten their own space too, and we are steadily adding to it.

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