Stash update 5/2018

I've been with our kids in Kirkkonummi for a few days on "miniature holiday". Mostly because my parents are so old now (80+) that any chance my children get to spend time with them is precious. But also because I wanted to take part in my old folk dance group's 45th year celebration.

The thing about being here now, when we have had between -10 to -25°C, is that my parents don't want to be outside all that much. And the kids don't like it that much either, so be have had to come up with "indoor activities".

Sadly, most of it has been about shopping. The children got new winter boots and new thick coveralls. We bought child safety things for the doors at my parents house. We bought gruel, rice milk and fruit purée snacks.

And we, today, went to Kierrätyskeskus in Finno to see if we could find something cool second hand...and afterwards to Ikea in Espoo to eat meatballs for lunch.

Kierrätyskeskus (eng. Recycling-center) is a large second hand store running on donations from all over the place. The place is airy, fresh, and sorted -really- well. One thing they have a whole little section for are the craft supplies. And they restock the fabrics every Thursday with new ones.

The above piles are what I found.

They had pre-packed bags with similar fabrics in them, and this bag caught my eyes. I seem to like using lots of whites, so this one fit the bill.

Then, they had baskets with medium sized fabric pieces that went for 4€/kg. I picked through it for cottons - I found four solids and three prints that I liked.

That top-most printed fabric looks like this:

"Thumbs" out in a little town. Fun, so fun :) Couldn't resist it.

Then, I found three big cones of polyester overlock-thread, and bought them without checking to see if it was brittle or not. When I (many hours later) did, I noticed that the brown ones were and the tread snapped really easily. Next time, I need to remember to check :/

The zippers I found - 3 identical pink, 1 red and 1 brown - were 2,50€ á piece. No project in mind for them, but large cheap zippers aren't that common a thrift store find so I guess I lucked out.

And that was all the craft supplies I found. Nothing at the craft section for the kids, but I did find one big yellow plastic bathtub for 1€ for them. Little boy has outgrown his baby bathtub, so that was a nice find. (How we are gonna get it home to Vaasa I have no idea of yet!)

5,00 pre-packed bag with fabrics
3,72 bag with fabric I picked, á 4€/kg
3,00 cone of brown overlock thread
3,00 cone of brown overlock thread
2,00 cone of red overlock thread
2,50 Zipper, brown
2,50 Zipper, red
2,50 Zipper, pink
2,50 Zipper, pink
2,50 Zipper, pink
29,70 € total
(paid cash, so rounded down from 29,72€)

Total spent on stash this year: 

198,92 + 29,70 = 228,62 €