The not-at-all crafty Saturday

I've got the stomach flu. I'm guessing Norovirus.

It started today at 5 a.m.

Yeah, just the time to get up and atom/at'em, am I right?

They've written on the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare that "a small child is sick or ill about 100 days a year, in average". That's nearly 1/3 of the whole year. (!) And while writing this, I can't find the proper web-page, since I'm writing this on my phone.

What they don't mention is how many parents to these small children ALSO get sick with the same thing, or predict the Ro-values for how many people get the same disease because those same parents still have to visit OTHER parents and get/bring them the same disease.

Anyway, I'm hoping I can get over this stomach flu tomorrow and please-please-please don't let the kids get it.
(Chance of that is low :/ )
Because of this disease, I missed (yet another) of the lessons on the knitting machine course at Vaasa Opisto. Damn it!