Thursday's quilting course

To be able to do any sort of crafting regularly, with the kids around and me being a stay-at-home-mom for the time being, I've enrolled in several shorter and one long course at the Arbis-institute this autumn-spring semester.

Thursdays are my favorite day of the week, because of the evening quilting course.

2,5 hours of uninterrupted crafting is reeeeeeally nice. Even when the only thing I get to do is cut pieces for works-in-progress. Even when it's boring. Which it was. But I had people around to talk to, so that made it bearable.

What to do, when a fabric has both colors?
Fussy cut, that's what.

I had taken with me my whole stash of purples and oranges, but in those 2,5 hours all I had time to cut up where the purples.

It looks like so little, cutting up 8 identical squares. In size 8x8 cm.
Good thing that you can fold the fabric and cut through several once.

Since the ironing boards are in the same room as the big cutting table, I was talking with whomever was currently ironing their quilt pieces or fabrics. Someone commented that she' be "unwilling and scared to cut up such lovely fabric" and that she'd just "keep on storing it".

I don't want to subscribe to that way of thinking. I'd rather make stuff from them.

The squares are going to become parts of a free quilt pattern called "Sawtooth Stars" by designer Becky Tillman-Petersen of Quilted Twins. There's quite a few of her patterns I want to make: Urban Development, Quiet, Snowballs -n Scraps. I read about Quilted Twins on a blog I follow (Jo's Country junction) and started to follow Becky's group on Facebook. 

She has lots and lots of patterns that uses recycled fabrics, so that is what draws me to her designs. The patterns I mentioned above are such that I can - if I want - use left over 5x5 cm squares that have been cut as extras for the color block quilts.


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