What I'm working on: putting up new blinds

So, one of the things about being a houseowner is that you have to learn a lot of how to fix thing on and in a house.

But I actually knew already how to put up blinds from Ikea. Our house gets a lot of noon and afternoon light in through the windows in both the kitchen and the living room, which makes it really warm indoors during the long summer days and nights that Finland gets.

So, we've steadily bought more and more of these type of blinds that don't let ANY light in. Because it's really nice to get to go to sleep in a dark room in the summer, even those days when the sun just goes down for maybe 30 min tops.

So, my work table in the living room has been looking like this today:

I did finish putting up all three today, so from now on, we have 3/6 windows in the living room that have working blinds again. Because trust me, sawing metal and having lots of trash on one of your "quilting areas" isn't a thing any quilter wants!