Spring show 2018 at Arbis

"Vasa Arbis vårutställning 8.5.2018" 

With the kids (still down with the flu but feeling better anyway) and my husband Mikael in tow, I tried to capture photos of as many of the beautiful handcrafted works I could, but I missed a lot of the woodwork pieces and croquis-paintings.

My sewing teacher Carola also wrote about the exhibit, on Instagram :) And she has more photos of the woodwork

I wanted to see the different quilts and patchworks most of all, and I got photos of most of them. Myself, I had given six projects to my sewing course teacher to display in the show. At the last show, last fall, I only submitted one, and I thought that this time that it would be okay for me to submit more. Three of the projects were small (two small denim bags and the Fancy Fox mini-quilt) and three were larger (the Blue Roses and Denim quilt, the Fake cathedral windows quilt and the Cars quilt)

All the works were displayed without any maker names, so I can’t tell you who made what. Except my own, of course. I do know some, mostly those that's been made on the same sewing course I've attended on Thursdays.

I tried to take larger photos of all the quilts, just keep on scrolling down and they'll pop up.

That little tiny denim Moomin-bag on the first row, that one is mine.

My kids both loved the small wooden houses, little boy especially. I think it was the small doors that did it, because they both wanted to see if anything was inside the houses!

The Blue Roses and Denim quilt on the first row, that one is mine. 

The green four-patch quilt hanging in in the back was made by one of my course mates. There was a day and an evening quilting course this whole school year, and I took the evening course. Most of the quilting projects were from the day group.

The Fake cathedral windows quilt on the second row is mine.

All the other quilts on that photo were from the day course.

My son loved the wooden owl!

Little boy kept pointing to the owl and made appreciative baby noises (he doesn't talk much yet), mostly to make sure mommy would SEE! the owl.

I did. I had to take this photo to show him I did ;)

The small Moomin-bag a bit to the lelft of the middle, that one is mine. 

Lots of pieces of sewn child clothes, and some very funny potholders shaped like tea kettles. The cylindrical and and nine-patch variation block pillow made out of the same nautical themed fabric were done by one of my course mates. Oh how she was frustrated when she had to keep re-sewing that piping on the larger pillow! One corner kept turning out ugly, and so she kept on sewing and seam ripping a LOT to get it looking perfect-ish.

That Cars-quilt in the background, that one is mine.
And the small mini quilt with Fancy Fox on the table, that one is mine too.

On this table, I really liked the size 92-98 one-piece pajamas. They're on the right side of the table. They, an the other clothes, were made on the clothes sewing course.

In the background on this photo, there is a harpsichord. Made from scratch!
Only thing still missing on it was the strings. 

The people that had taken the woodworking classes had outdone themselves in my opinion. The larger furniture pieces, which I sadly didn't get to take any photos of because the kids kept running away at this point (mommy, this is boring!). I got a photo of the harpsichord and the grandfather clock, though.

Some of the few clay pieces in the exhibit.

I think i know the technique you make those lace bowls with: wet clay gets doilies or crocheted lace pressed to it and it leaves this type of indentations on it.

This grandfather type clock felt both modern and old at the same time.
I think it's because of the colors chosen, white is modern ;)

They had to carefully carry this one up the stairs - I know because when I came to drop off my projects I saw them do it.

I so love this quilt. The maker, a lady I know, had at least three pieces in the exhibit.

I took photos of all of them. And yes, they're all hand quilted. She is a marvelous hand quilter. Skill extraordinaire. 

As you can tell, I'm jealous ;) 

This quilter's palette quilt is also hers.

The prairie points on the borders on this one is something I want to try out too. The hand quilting on this quilt made it soooooo soft.

And one leftover block made up this little bag.

What can I tell you, she has excellent taste and color sense.

Now, these following quilts were the ones hanging on display:

Quilt of, I think, reclaimed fabrics from shirts.
A trip around the world variant, I guess.

Another nine-patch variation quilt.

And this one, made by one of my course mates.

I like this one all the more because the bottom helix has a block placed wrong.

It feels like an improv quilt, even though it has a block layout.

An attic window block quilt.

People were really rocking the nautical themes. I know it's because most of the makers of these were gonna display and have their projects on their summer (island) cottages. Vaasa has a strong maritime  history and heritage.

Ah , a small snail trail block quilt.

In the background, a few croquis pieces, too. Having the grand piano for a display stand was a bit funny.

There, another clay piece, Raku-burned if I'm not wrong, And some embroidered purses.

And also, a pillow with another off center nine-patch block variation.

The note says
"Take a chance and win Linnea's jeans bag!
Write your name and phone number on a ticket to win. 1 ticket/person.
The winner is drawn at the end of the exhibit!"

Yes, I gave one of the bags to my teacher as a prize for a small lottery, just for fun. She said at the end there were a bunch of tickets in the box, so someone lucky got to have it :) And look, they even posted it on their Facebook page.

Another cute bag with appliqué umbrellas.

Great choice of modern colors on that bag!

A crazy quilt block pillow.

I've never made a crazy quilt block, but this one makes me think maybe I could do something small, like a pincushion or a mini-quilt.

And  a really nicely restored old sewing box on legs.

I really liked that sewing box, but since there were "Don't touch the pieces"-notices posted everywhere I didn't dare open it to see if it was stained with the lovely brown varnish on the inside as well.

And that lovely sewing box concludes my photos of the exhibit. Hope you saw something you liked too, and congrats to all who took part and showed off their projects!