torsdag 1 april 2010

Happy Easter bunny!

The headline is something we girls used to say in upper secondary school: a totally wrong seasonal greeting and a lame one at that. Thought I'd share it with you though. Since it really is Easter this weekend.

We'll be leaving on the train today for Bennäs, and we'll get back quite late on Monday. I must water our plants before I pack up the last things we're taking with us! I almost forgot it. Again! Gaah, I need to have post-its stamped to my forehead or something, at least at this rate of forgetfulness.

Oh, but I made paskha! You know, the Russian Easter-treat with cream cheese or quark and lots of oranges, raisins and sweetened fruit-preserves. I've bought memma too, but since I know that Micke isn't that fond of it, I made paskha, because it's sweet and fruity. One of my mom's friends makes this divine paskha, but since I don't have any good kitchen equipment for reducing cheese (cheese cloth, cheese mold), mine is waaaaay more runny than her ever was.

Ta-daa! Paskha for breakfast.

Aaah, much better close up pic! You can see the fruits in it now.

I know it doesn't look like much, but it was good together with the pears we ate with it. Operation "empty the fridge" was a success, again.

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emmi sa...

orkar inte försöka komma på ord på engelska för dethär! :) du behöver bara melittafilter o en sil/durkslag nåt sånt för att kunna ha pashan o droppa av sej :) jag brukar göra en jättenkel (mammas recept) där man bara blandar allting, stoppar i avrinningskärl i kylskåpet o låter det stå ett dygn eller två, klart! :) dessutom lägger jag inte i "skräp" ;)


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