"Blogs are nothing but girls writing about things they're gonna buy, or have bought"

The above is the most condescending thing I've ever read about the blog-phenomenon. It was in Hufvudstadsbladet, and it was in a column where the writer (a woman if I remember correctly) vented her anger at people who don't understand us people who blog. I her column, she shared some quotes she'd either read or heard about "why people even bother to blog". There was a whole lot of other stuff she'd written too, but my memory ain't THAT good.

Anyway, on the few blogs that I subscribe to, there are a few women who sometimes put up pictures of the things they've bought, or made, or are gonna buy, or want. Sometimes, the pictures are so many you feel as if they're spamming their own blog, but since I love sharing peoples creative ideas.... and sharing a picture is so much easier than describing something in words, I don't mind.

I like to read about people who share pics of the things they've sewn, crocheted, knitted, crafted, beaded, twisted from wire or just well.... created. The pics don't need to look professionally taken, and the motifs don't need to look like something out of a design-journal. They just need to, well... have been created.

In the scientific community, knowledge is share on the basis of articles and other publications, or through seminars/work shops/conventions. Artists and craft-persons on the other hand are, at least in my opinion, more free to express themselves online. If you have created something, and just want to share it for creativity's sake and not for monetary reasons.... then there is no greater joy than when you get a comment from someone the other side of the world, and they wonder about how you made it. And you get to explain.

It is true when they say that getting access to the Internet is a basic human right. Because where on this Earth do you find the expertise you need  at 3 a.m. about how to tie a certain knot when you're pulling an all-nighter creating stuff that makes you happy?

Oh, and as a proverbial "finger" to the ones thinking like my headline, here's a pair of stiletto shoes I got last Sunday from my dear friend Mimi. Recycling can start anywhere, and the photo might not be professional or anything, but at least you get the picture. Literally. FTW.