The ex-tempore weekend in Helsinki

Oh boy, the plans we had for this last weekend didn't go down as well as they could have. But, on the bright side, I got to visit some places I hadn't been to before :)

Me, Micke, my mama and her friend S got to spend two hours Saturday morning at this great craft-store in Sökö, Esbo. Me, mama and S had a really great time; Micke promptly parked himself at a table in the center of the store and proceeded to iPod and to read some magazines he found. He didn't get too cranky, so I hoped he found the visit somewhat agreeable.

Look! So many... so many!
Wool, cotton, bamboo, silk, linen, you name it, they had it :)

Mama trying to choose colors for a sweater she's gonna knit, Micke just standing and wondering what's with women and yarn.

Me trying to find yarn that's both cheap and a nice color.
*but there's sooooo much to chose from!*

Downstairs, they have weft (for weaving) in all the colors and materials you can imagine!