Bugg-ie woogie shoop de woop!

Today, I was selfish. I bought strawberries at the open air market, I sat and crocheted for 2 h in the library (after doing some "real" work...) and went to learn how to dance bugg. During those two hours, I had so much fun, I forgot everything else and was just "me". And it was great. I really like dancing.

One thing we girls reeeeally need to learn - and remember! - about dancing with a partner is that it's the man who's supposed to lead. I think I follow my partners directions quite well, although I re-learned today that if your partner is... a bit... unsure (?) it gets exponentially more difficult to follow him. Actually, the probability gets close to 0. Guys! Take the right to lead that's rightfully yours!

Today, I was also realized that (again...) that if you (as a girl) already are in a stable relationship, you actually CAN relax in front of other men. Sometimes it leads to problems, because when your body-language messages a "lack" of insecurity-signals and just a lot of "confident" instead.... it's a HUGE turn on! People LOVE other people who are confident and relaxed in their presence, because then they too can relax and feel confident.

I wonder if I'm any good at reading body-language? They say that women generally are better at it than men, but I sometimes wonder. I do know that I'm at times an... outcome-manipulator (read: whiny and commedeering bitch), but I wonder if it's because of knowleadge in b-language, or something else.

Micke on the other hand says I should stop over-analyzing everything. Maybe he's right...

*but still continues to wonder*