fredag 16 juli 2010

This finnish summer weather

It seems everything from TV, newspapers and friends' status updates on Facebook are all agreeing on something:

It's mighty hot outside.

Summer in Finland suddenly got warmer: up to 30 degrees Celsius here in the south. And even though every sun-lover is celebrating, I would guess most people find the oppresive heat annoying. If only because I've heard of folks sleeping outside on their balconies or verandas, because their homes are 35 degrees and more on the inside. But what can you do, when finnish houses are built to conserve heat inside (think: scandinavian winter!), aided by triple window panes, heat isolation in celings and walls, and of course radiator-lines under the floors.

Me, I been praying for rain. And thunder, because I like the action that brings, but mainly rain. Yesterday, I got my wish, because it rained hard for less than 20 min around noon. Then, it took perhaps 30 min for everything to dry up and go back to "oppressive heat" again.


Me, I'm a winter child. So I'm positively melting in this heat. Fast. I feel as if even (!) running around at home in just bikini's is too much clothes to have on. We have to have our balcony doors and every window open 24h/day, and the celing fan on all the time in the bedroom. I put away our blankets, because there is nothing more awful than sweating yourself to sleep.

Taking cold showers - at least 3 times/day! - was never my favourite, but right now, it's one if the only ways to keep cold for more than 5 min. The air is so dry that you can actually "air-dry" yourself - forget using towels :)

Every plant I have needs to get watered every other day, and I must say that if I had had anything outside on the balconies, those plants would have died like *zipp* in this heat. Awful, I know.

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River Glorious sa...

right now it's 82ºF, or 28ºC, and I am finding it a bit cool here...

i can't stand the heat either, it makes one feel ill, doesn't it? i munch on ice and sometimes will put an ice pack on the back of my neck. it helps me make it through the day in this tropical island.


as for plants, i have to water them almost every day, especially my "recao". it tastes like coriander.


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