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This weekend, they're having DBTL in Turku. That's short for "Down By The Laituri", or down by the pier. It's a music happening, and it takes place in the city centre, between the Aura-bridge and the Teatteri-bridge. Since the music played can be heard - at least a little - off the main area, people take their drinks and friends and sit around the Aura river's shores during the event. Because it's cheaper, and because there it's not off limits for under aged persons.

What is the result of this? A weekend full of:

Men peeing everywhere there's room, even though many public places, like the library, are open until at least 8 pm.
People vomiting or passing out, because they're stupid enough not to limit themselves for just a few beers.
Litter everywhere, especially glass.
Every restaurant around the area is packed with people. Good luck to you if you didn't book a table in advance.

Since I hate when people behave like pigs and force other people to clean up afterwards, I must say that however nice DBTL might have been once, now it's like every other Finnish city-festival. Bad.

The police sometimes ride around, exercising their horses early in the morning or in the evening when traffic is slow. This is the first time though that I've seen a horse and carriage in the centre of Turku. Typically, it's the restaurant Amarillo (western cowboy wannabe food theme) promoting their own.

A lot of people. Yupp.